Wednesday, 24 September 2008

This n' that

Well hello there!  Here I am again.  I did try to put an entry on since going private but it seemed to get lost, so I hope you'll be able to read this one.  The reason I went private really was for Matthew and Rosie's privacy but also because I was slightly worried who might be reading me, especially if it was anyone I didn't want to know our business.  I know I have not added everyone but hope to sort this out soon and do apologise if you have initially been left off my update list.

I also apologise for not commenting much but all will be explained below.

We have had a really busy Summer, we went away to Butlins in Skegness in early August and then at the end of the month we stayed in a lovely beach house at Caister on Sea.  Butlins was great but very cramped in a very small caravan really for 7 people.  My niece and her boyfriend's feet were hanging outside their door every morning as their beds were so small, tee hee!  It was great though, my sister, Christine, joined us and we left the caravan early every morning on little expeditions whilst the drinkers slept the morning away.  Hmmm, Matthew and Rosie also slept late too but mainly from exhaustion and not from the drink!  Chris and I felt very virtuous as we are now old we mainly drink diet coke, are both on blood pressure pills, which make us get up early every day anyway because we need a pee! 

Paul came with us to Caister and it was nice to spend a holiday as a family together.  Matthew and Rosie enjoyed lots of lay ins there too and Paul and  were up with the lark, sitting on the balcony with our coffees and admiring our sea view.  The cottage was perfect and felt quite luxurious after our caravan trip.  I even had a washing machine there, so it was like heaven not having to take all the dirty washing home again.

On the night we got back from Caister I took a call from my niece to tell me that my sister, Chris, had been taken to hospital and feeling very poorly.  I literally started shaking all over and got myself straight to the hospital.  She had been fine in Skegness 2 weeks before and we had had such fun.  Apparently, whilst Paul and I were away Chris had been having a pain in her side all week and was feeling really bad.  Her blood pressure was over 200 and her diabetes was madly over the limit.  Thank god that after 5 days, they managed to sort her out, she was on morphine for most of the time and has now started injecting herself with her diabetes drugs.  She hadn't been getting on with her tablets before and I think she had been missing them out because they made her feel ill, in the end though it made her even worse.  The pain in the side may be diverticulitis but they are still not sure if that is what it is.  She still has the pain but has been xrayed and tested and it is not sinister.  I still don't think I have got over the shock of her being so ill and it certainly pulls you up and makes you think how much you take for granted.  She had a scare earlier again this year with her breast cancer and is such a trooper about all her ills.  I don't know what I would do without her.

When we got back we attended the wedding of my goddaughter, Jodie.  We had a fantastic day although it was sad that my dear friend, Mary and her husband, Ron, were not there to share that special day. 

Work, as you know, has been manic but I have just got a promotion and will not be a secretary any longer.  My new job starts on Monday and I have got a massive pay rise although this job deserves danger money as I am working almost directly for a crazy fella, who is very volotile.  I am going to be like the departmental co-ordinator, she who is supposed to have the answer for everything at her fingertips and I'll also still be supervising the secretaries too.  It was a hard decision to make because I know I am laying myself open to some big stress but it is nice to know that I don't have to print out my bosses in-boxes any more and do filing and heavy lifting.  I'll let you know how I get on.

I am trying again to attach some photos, they are of our hols in Caister.

Hugs to you all, dear friends.

Tells x