Monday, 18 February 2008

Good news

Christine has just called and the news is good.  Her specialist says he is sure all is well.  She has another appointment in 4 months to check again, so is being well looked after, I feel such a relief.  I have lost two dear sisters and cannot lose another to this terrible illness.

Meanwhile, I am feeling more bunged up than yesterday, so off to bed with a nice hot water bottie.

Thank you all, dear friends, for your support.  Your kind words have brought a tear to my eye and a feeling of warmth.

Hugs, Tells x






Sunday, 17 February 2008

Feeling bunged up!

Dear friends,

Just a quickie as I am off to bed soon.  I do apologise for being so behind but I have been extremely busy lately.

Please keep your fingers crossed tomorrow for my lovely sister, Christine.  We have had a bit of a scare with her recent check up.  I was confident that we were out of the woods now as its been over 6 years but hell no.  Chris had a masectomy done but only on one breast.  The specialist found a lump on her other one the other week and then she had a special scan done and has to go back tomorrow.  Now she has finished at work, she paid for this otherwise she would have had to wait 6 weeks on the NHS.  The chap who did the scan said everything seemed to be ok with the lump but we need to hear that from the specialist tomorrow evening.  She is calm but I am like a crazy woman with worry.

I'll let you know whats happening.

Hugs, Tells x