Saturday, 22 September 2007

Getting overthe lurgy

Hello, I am back!  I have not been well at all over the last week or so and had to go to the doctor the other day and luckily after having some antibiotics, I now feel like myself again.  We have all been ill except Matthew ....

I am sooooo far behind at work, having had a lot of time off in August and now having only done a few days in September.  Goodness knows how I'll ever catch up but hey, I will have fun trying.

Had a busy morning tidying up because Lisa, my niece, is coming down for the afternoon.  I know she is hoping to go bowling but I don't think Rosie or I are up to that yet.  Oh well, we'll see.

Martin is not that happy with his new job and I hope that he'll start looking around for something else.  He took that one quite quickly and apart from the long journey he has, it sounds as if he works with some really rude people.  You'd think with all the employment laws and man management courses things would be different but it seems its the norm for the management there to go round shouting.  Hmmm.

Matthew and Rosie are doing fine.  Both back at school now and busy with homework etc.  Matthew has quite a lot coming up with Scouts.  I got a letter from the Scouts the other day for a trip next year to Scotland for 10 days - only £450!  I don't know if we'll let him go or not.  We have booked a beach house at Caister for a week at the end of August next year.  We came across it this year when we were at Hemsby.  Its an old fisherman's cottage with a balcony looking over the dunes to the sea.  Luckily the owners were about and gave us a tour, I am really looking forward to a quiet break there.  Paul will be coming with us - he can't stand holiday camps - and I hope he may get a bit of fishing in.

He is very down at the moment because his shop made a loss this year.  Its really difficult because a lot of people also use the internet to buy plumbing supplies now and he just can't compete.

Anyway, hope you are all ok.  I am still trying to catch up with alerts - only 255 to go. 

Hugs, Terry x


Sunday, 2 September 2007

Back from holiday

Here I am on a lovely and sunny Sunday and back from my hols.  No, I am not even going to mention the washing today, tee hee. 

We had a wonderful time on this break away to Hemsby in Norfolk.  It didn't start so well well I picked up the keys to our apartment (or compartment as Matthew kept calling it).  When I opened the door it stank of damp.  Even worse, there was no carpet on the floor just filthy looking floorboards and when I went into the bedrooms it had black patches on the wall and when I touched the walls they felt wet.  I couldn't believe it.  I went stomping back to the reception and asked to see the manager.  She told me that there was nothing else!  What, I had driven 3 and a half hours and I felt myself getting very angry.  Eventually, after half an hour, she came up with another apartment and thankfully this one was perfect.  I intend to write to them and make a complaint.  It completely ruined the beginning of the holiday.  I was just so glad my sister wasn't with us as she joined us on Sunday.  Our car was already packed out ... imagine if she had been dropped with all her stuff and was waiting for us and then we had to drive home ... Ooooh.

We had a very busy time, visiting lots of beaches and lots of fun fairs.  We even managed to find a car boot.  The only day that was miserable was Friday and then we amused ourselves by going round a caravan park and looking at the ones for sale.  I would like to buy one but I know I'd never have time to go there and also the drive would be too much.

Chris was wonderful company and it was nice for her as she finished work on Friday and it took her mind off it all.  She ended up quite happy with her package from work and I think in a way it is relief for her not to have to get up early in the morning and struggle with the blimming trains any more.

I won the bingo twice, almost £85, which we shared and it paid for a lot of treats.

Matthew was hard work at times and didn't want to smile for the camera much, hmmmmm, age related or what?  He was 14 on Friday and you can see his little cake. 

I haven't got much time to write much today as so much to do but thought I'd share some photos with you.  I have 665 alerts, eeek.  I promise I will catch up with all soon.

Hugs and kisses to you all.

Tells x