Sunday, 12 July 2009

Hello everyone,
I seem to disappear for a long while and then when I try to come back I have to fiddle around trying to get my password back - ho hum.
Matthew has now left school and will be starting College in September. He will be one of the youngest there as he only turns 16 a few days before. He is getting a bit bored at home and surprisingly doesn't seem keen to fill his time with any of the jobs I can find for him! He has had his first date with a very pretty girl from his old school called Daisy. They went to the pictures the other evening with his older brother being their chauffeur for the night. He hasn't really said much about it or whether he will be going out with her again, so watch this space for the wedding.
Talking about weddings, my dear niece Lisa got married in June. I was a sort of honorary mother of the bride and even wore a hat! We had a really wonderful time planning it over the last few months and I still find myself looking at wedding things, aw. I have attached a photo of the girls the evening before the wedding and also the photo and candle we placed near the cake in memory of their dear mum, my dear sister, Barb. The bride, Lisa, is on the right and her twin, Claire on the left and then Rosie in the middle. Isn't it a lovely picture of the bride and groom. Daniel is a lovely young man and they make a great couple. Lisa, Rosie and I stayed at the hotel where she got married the night before and the photo of the girls was taken at a Chinese restaurant which is a favourite of ours. We had a great evening and it was so relaxing being in the right place for the wedding the next day. Now I have got the hang of the photos I'll try and post a few more.
Rosie is having an impacted tooth out on Tuesday and we are all feeling nervous about it. We know its for the best as if its done now it will be better for her as she gets older and the roots form properly but its hard putting your baby in the doctor's hands! She is still a tiny girl. She is loving having her guitar lessons and is in a concert next weekend playing "Sweet Child of Mine".
We're off to Butlins again on the 8th of August. The kids are excited and I am looking forward to the rest. Its a shame my sister can't come this time but she has a very bad knee and is waiting for an operation and feels she cannot manage the journey. This is the first time she will not be with us for many years and I know we are missing her coming already. We always have a great time, always have a couple of rows and enjoy making up.
I have moved to a new office. Its called the Broadgate Tower and I am on the 29th floor - eeek. Its so nice though after our old building and its nice to work in lovely, clean surroundings.
My dear friend Audrey is getting more confused, if that is possible. Her husband is a difficult man but I don't think he has bad dementia but he does have prostrate problems. You won't believe that he has recently been rowing with her because she won't have sex with him .... yes - my god - he is 78! I couldn't believe what he was saying and in front of my Rosie too! I think the time has come really though that they should both have more help and maybe by going into a home where they can have more care.
Anyway, I don't know if this will save but I hope so. Lisa Jo, I am missing you and don't seem to be able to get to your blog at all, I think I need permissions. I hope you are well.
Lots of hugs to all my dear friends x hug for Gerry, hug for Yasmin x
Tells x
PS: This is how bad I am - I seem to have another blog here exactly the same name and posted this on there instead of here - oooooh.