Wednesday, 24 September 2008

This n' that

Well hello there!  Here I am again.  I did try to put an entry on since going private but it seemed to get lost, so I hope you'll be able to read this one.  The reason I went private really was for Matthew and Rosie's privacy but also because I was slightly worried who might be reading me, especially if it was anyone I didn't want to know our business.  I know I have not added everyone but hope to sort this out soon and do apologise if you have initially been left off my update list.

I also apologise for not commenting much but all will be explained below.

We have had a really busy Summer, we went away to Butlins in Skegness in early August and then at the end of the month we stayed in a lovely beach house at Caister on Sea.  Butlins was great but very cramped in a very small caravan really for 7 people.  My niece and her boyfriend's feet were hanging outside their door every morning as their beds were so small, tee hee!  It was great though, my sister, Christine, joined us and we left the caravan early every morning on little expeditions whilst the drinkers slept the morning away.  Hmmm, Matthew and Rosie also slept late too but mainly from exhaustion and not from the drink!  Chris and I felt very virtuous as we are now old we mainly drink diet coke, are both on blood pressure pills, which make us get up early every day anyway because we need a pee! 

Paul came with us to Caister and it was nice to spend a holiday as a family together.  Matthew and Rosie enjoyed lots of lay ins there too and Paul and  were up with the lark, sitting on the balcony with our coffees and admiring our sea view.  The cottage was perfect and felt quite luxurious after our caravan trip.  I even had a washing machine there, so it was like heaven not having to take all the dirty washing home again.

On the night we got back from Caister I took a call from my niece to tell me that my sister, Chris, had been taken to hospital and feeling very poorly.  I literally started shaking all over and got myself straight to the hospital.  She had been fine in Skegness 2 weeks before and we had had such fun.  Apparently, whilst Paul and I were away Chris had been having a pain in her side all week and was feeling really bad.  Her blood pressure was over 200 and her diabetes was madly over the limit.  Thank god that after 5 days, they managed to sort her out, she was on morphine for most of the time and has now started injecting herself with her diabetes drugs.  She hadn't been getting on with her tablets before and I think she had been missing them out because they made her feel ill, in the end though it made her even worse.  The pain in the side may be diverticulitis but they are still not sure if that is what it is.  She still has the pain but has been xrayed and tested and it is not sinister.  I still don't think I have got over the shock of her being so ill and it certainly pulls you up and makes you think how much you take for granted.  She had a scare earlier again this year with her breast cancer and is such a trooper about all her ills.  I don't know what I would do without her.

When we got back we attended the wedding of my goddaughter, Jodie.  We had a fantastic day although it was sad that my dear friend, Mary and her husband, Ron, were not there to share that special day. 

Work, as you know, has been manic but I have just got a promotion and will not be a secretary any longer.  My new job starts on Monday and I have got a massive pay rise although this job deserves danger money as I am working almost directly for a crazy fella, who is very volotile.  I am going to be like the departmental co-ordinator, she who is supposed to have the answer for everything at her fingertips and I'll also still be supervising the secretaries too.  It was a hard decision to make because I know I am laying myself open to some big stress but it is nice to know that I don't have to print out my bosses in-boxes any more and do filing and heavy lifting.  I'll let you know how I get on.

I am trying again to attach some photos, they are of our hols in Caister.

Hugs to you all, dear friends.

Tells x

Thursday, 31 July 2008

oh no. not her!

I have been a terrible journaller but here I am again.  I do apologise for not commenting and once again, think I will have to start again and clear the lots of alerts I have.  I did see that Chuck has passed away, which saddened me as he was always so upbeat and alert.  His daughter's entry was very uplifting.

Things have been manic as usual here but we are all ok.  The children are on holiday and enjoying lazy days.  Matthew has been going fishing with Martin, getting up at the crack of dawn and really enjoying time spent with his big brother.  Martin still hasn't got himself a job but is doing private work which is helping out until he does get settled again.

Rosie is fine.  She has started learning the guitar and is making terrific progress.  She has learned quite a few chords and can knock out a tune from song books now which is great fun, imagine if you can her playing and me singing (wailing, more like) achey breakey heart!  I keep teasing her that we can be a double act.

Work is fine.  I have news.  I am not going to be a secretary any longer, they have offered me a more managerial role with a massive rise within our Group and I will be starting it mid Sept/beginning October.  It will be marvellous for me, no more blimming filing and although it will be a challenge it will be good for my brain.  Basically its doing a lot of things I do already which have been extra to my job and it will be great getting paid for it!  It will be strange though not being a secretary after all these years.  Its obviously given my confidence a real boost and its at times like this you wish you could tell your mum and dad that something good has happened.

Today its 6 years since I lost my precious Barbara.  I had a few tears yesterday remembering our last days together at the hospital.    The children don't realise what day it is and I won't remind them, why make them feel bad too?

Rosie is coming to work with me today as the boys have gone fishing.  She is really excited as she is very fond of some of the people I work with having got to know them socially.  I will take her to lunch and for a walk down the famous "Petticoat Lane" market which is near my work.

We are off to Butlins at Skegness next weekend.  It should be manic, 8 of us in an 8 berth caravan!  I have heard that some acts from Britain's got talent will be performing, so that should be fun.  I know they have a health spa thing there and hope to get a massage in if I can.  My sister, Chris, is coming with us and she is always good company, it will be nice to share some time with her.  I do miss her at work, it has been a year now since she was made redundant but she is enjoying her retirement more than she thought she would.

Has anyone been to see Mama Mia?  Oh what a fantastic film, I couldn't believe it, I sat with a cheshire cat grin on my face through it all and then at the end everyone in the cinema clapped before they left.  I have never seen that happen before at the cinema, it was as if we had been at a live show.  I plan to buy it on DVD when it comes out and I know it will be a great film for my collection.

Eeek, I lost a very big filling the other week and had to brave going back to the dentist.  Imagine my horror when they knew my name on the reception, this can only mean (a) I must be known well there as the No.1 coward in this village or (b) I must have the worst teeth in this village.  Hmmm, can't think of a (c).  Anyway, I went for the appointment and had it done but managed to escape without having the teeth cleaning done .... I have another appointment on 2nd Sept but may chicken out.  We'll see.

All my dear friends, thanks for being patient until I catch up.  I am so fond of you all.

Hugs, Tells x


Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Popping up for air!

Hello everyone and apologies for not making an entry for so long.  I couldn't believe it when I saw my last entry was in April.  I do hope everyone is well.

I seem to have got so embroiled in work and spend a lot of time from home online to work and although I have a little time to comment here and there, so more apologies if I have not been and visited you.

Billy, my yorkie, was very poorly during April.  He woke one day literally seized up and had to have quite a few anti inflamatory injections and pills to get him thru it.  It was quite pitiful as he was crying, couldn't bark and kept falling over.  I was crying too.  I spent three weeks sleeping on the settee downstairs with him and thank goodness he is almost back to normal.  He made my heart stop the other day jumping off the back of the settee (about 3 feet) and landing heavily ... he thinks he is a cat.  Ooooh.

I had a trip to Geneva again the other week with work and stayed in a a beautiful boutique hotel.  Shame I didn't get longer than one night in the 6ft bed!  I must tell you there are a lot of cobbles and hills in Geneva and after walking on them and then standing at a reception type do, my feet felt like they had been put through a mangle!  Heres a link to the hotel I stayed at, it was in the old town of Geneva and its a very hilly area as I said.  It was the first time I had flown from London City Airport and it was all very smooth.  Its a while since I flew on a chartered flight rather than a cheapie, so was thrilled to get given a free roll and drink and then some chocolate to follow on Swissair.

I am at home today because Rosie has to go to hospital this afternoon for that tooth that is growing in a strange position.  We went about 2 years ago but are getting a second opinion because our dentist wants the tooth above out and the orthodontist wants it built up and we are stuck in the middle, so will be getting this expert advice hopefully today.  We are wary of taking it out because previously we were told that the operation could affect her lips because of nerves near the area.  We will see but we are very against an operation inany event.

Rosie has started to learn to play the guitar and has had two lessons now.  She can play some of the chords to wonderwall, few more and I'll be singing along and appearing in Britain's got Talent!

I have managed to get my living room decorated (almost ....) and also some new curtains up, four more poles to go up, watch this space, Paul is being difficult!

As I said, work is crazy and seems to be taking over my life at the moment which isn't really the balance I want.  There are lots of ego's going crazy too and its sooooo nice to be at home today enjoying a bit of a break from it.  I am determined not to go on line and get involved.

Wishing you all well my dear friends.

Hugs, Tells x



Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Where the heck has she been?

Ok, its been a while!  I have had the worst lurgy ever and have been feeling rotten for the last 2 weeks.  It all started when I was away in sunny Yarmouth in the freezing cold caravan with 2 inches of snow outside.  I struggled on until the Thursday but by then the children and I had had enough, so we came home and I continued being ill here.  I had all last week off and managed eventually to get a doctor's appointment.  Do you know it really gets me mad that its so difficult to manage to see a doctor .... Anyway, I got my antibiotics and they did help but I am still not right and have lost my wonderful singing voice.  I think Matthew is glad I cannot shout at the moment though!

We did have a nice time in the caravan but it was so cold that Matthew slept in the lounge area every night and Rosie and I huddled together in the bedroom.  I suppose I was living in cloud cuckoo land hoping for good weather in March but I certainly didn't expect the snow.  Rosie enjoyed her 13th birthday though as I booked a cab to take us into town and we had a slap up meal and managed to get her a friends poster in a frame that she has been looking for for a long time and Matthew was very happy as he got a Spurs framed poster too.

I was manic in the caravan telling them to be careful and who caused the most damage?  Yes, me!  I tripped and sent a cup of black coffee all over the yellow cotton curtains in the lounge and for good measure broke the cup at the same time.  So, I had to sponge the curtain off and dry it with the hair drier, you'd never have known I had done it by the time I finished.  Then, the search for the tea cup began.  I spent 4 days scouring Yarmouth, all the department stores, charity shops, anywhere that sold crockery!  Did I find it, no.  I did own up before I left and they were ok about it.  Good job I never told them what I had done to their curtains, eh?

I must mention the medal I won for disco dancing.  We went to the club house on the first night and at that point we had Martin and also Lisa and Daniel with us too (they only stayed for the night).  It was a big hall with loads of tables and a disco playing.  There were about 20 people there, including the bar staff.  It was freezing there too, so we all started dancing and I was then presented with my medal.  I shall always wear it with pride.

We came back to the camp by bus one day and goodness knows why we walked off in the wrong direction.  After about 20 minutes I realised that I didn't recognise anything and when we walked back I realised we had got off at the right place but just walked the wrong way, duh.  Anyway, we then were waiting to cross the road and where the snow had melted there were big puddles and a car went by and literally soaked Matthew from head to foot.  That was it, I nearly fell on the floor laughing and when Rosie heard me she was screaming with laughter too.  A small smile played on Matthew's face, he really took it in good part.  Both Rosie and I actually wet ourselves as we laughed so much and we had to waddle back to the caravan to get showered.  I was laughing even more as I told Rosie that it was all downhill now she was a teenager and we had both done waht old ladies do.

We had some bad news last week when Martin was laid off from Tescos.  They have cut 800 jobs in the local offices and as he was last in on his team, he was first out.  He has some private work he is doing at the moment but I hope he gets something else sorted out soon.  Meanwhile, he will not be bored as he will be doing some decorating here which is well overdue.  I did buy paint about 3 years ago for our living room and it has never been done .... so, off I have gone and bought some more, lets hope it gets on the walls this time.  So, it is operation clear out at the moment in readiness.

Matthew has joined a running club and is really enjoying it.  He is doing it two nights a week and still has lots of energy when he gets home.  He is growing up so quickly and I have just got back from a parents' evening about work experience for him.  It only seems yesterday that he was 8 years old and came to live with me.

I went back to work this week and as usual have an awful backlog of filing etc., but am trying not to get depressed about it and just working my way through.  I thank my lucky stars that I am a well paid filing clerk, tee hee!  It was nice to see my friends again and not so nice to see the ones I don't like there!

Such exciting news though, one of my bosses is taking Rosie and I and my friend, Alex, away to a health spa hotel in May as a treat.  Its called Cowley Manor and is in the Cotswolds.  A bit posher than the caravan, methinks I will have to get myself something nice to wear to dinner and there will be no medals for disco dancing.  Heres the link:

The contemporary country hotel in the Cotswolds

I have never had a beauty treatment in my life and am playing safe and going for a facial.  No waxing for this chick.  I'll let you know how I get on.

Once again I am very behind with all your journals and do apologise but am trying to comment here and there and catch up. 

Hugs to all my friends and wishing you all a very good week.

Saturday, 15 March 2008

oooh I have been away a while

Well here I am again, sorry its been so long.  I am now well after one of the worst lurgies I have had for a while.  I have been extremely busy at work, not getting home until late most evenings and working on the computer from home too.  We have been very short at work since one of the secretaries left and I am so glad that her replacement is coming on 31st March.  Hey, she is probably another crazy one but at least we'll have a bum on a seat!

Next week we are off to Yarmouth for our caravan hol.  I am hoping the weather is good.  If its like today, it will be fine, at least its not windy or cold.  We have lots we can do there whatever the weather, there is an indoor swimming pool at the caravan site and we are near to lots of activities in Yarmouth, crazy golf, cinema, funfairs, shops!  I plan to do a lot of sleeping and the children are getting good at sleeping late, so perhaps we will just all sleep all day and night and not move anywhere.

Rosie will be 13 whilst we are away and so we will have a good day celebrating whatever the weather.

I have been out busily buying her a lot of new clothes over the last week or so as she is growing so quickly.  Today if we ever get out, we intend to get her some new trousers.

Matthew has been very busy.  He has joined an athletics club and is out running twice a week, he is due to finish at Scouts this summer, so he'll be kept busy in any event.  He had a trip to Devon last weekend to camp and meet up with his old Scout leader, who was a very kind man and we miss him very much.  It will probably be the last time Matthew ever sees him.  He came back exhausted late last Sunday night and we had to quickly repack as he had a woodland survival course with his school the next day for 2 days in Derbyshire!  Just about keeping up with the blimming washing here for him.  He continues to grow at the rate of knots and is now 6ft with size 11 shoes, arghhh, he is not 15 until the end of August.

Martin celebrated his 29th birthday last week and Rosie made him a lovely cake!  She coloured the sponge blue and it looked rather strange but she has a light touch and it tasted divine.

I am very behind with commenting and now have 781 messages to look at, please bear with me whilst I try to catch up, hmmmm!

Heres a picture of my little great great niece, Mia, aw she is so cute.


Hugs to you all until next time, Tells x

Monday, 18 February 2008

Good news

Christine has just called and the news is good.  Her specialist says he is sure all is well.  She has another appointment in 4 months to check again, so is being well looked after, I feel such a relief.  I have lost two dear sisters and cannot lose another to this terrible illness.

Meanwhile, I am feeling more bunged up than yesterday, so off to bed with a nice hot water bottie.

Thank you all, dear friends, for your support.  Your kind words have brought a tear to my eye and a feeling of warmth.

Hugs, Tells x






Sunday, 17 February 2008

Feeling bunged up!

Dear friends,

Just a quickie as I am off to bed soon.  I do apologise for being so behind but I have been extremely busy lately.

Please keep your fingers crossed tomorrow for my lovely sister, Christine.  We have had a bit of a scare with her recent check up.  I was confident that we were out of the woods now as its been over 6 years but hell no.  Chris had a masectomy done but only on one breast.  The specialist found a lump on her other one the other week and then she had a special scan done and has to go back tomorrow.  Now she has finished at work, she paid for this otherwise she would have had to wait 6 weeks on the NHS.  The chap who did the scan said everything seemed to be ok with the lump but we need to hear that from the specialist tomorrow evening.  She is calm but I am like a crazy woman with worry.

I'll let you know whats happening.

Hugs, Tells x




Thursday, 17 January 2008

So, so tired

Oooh I am a bit tired ... only had an hour and a half sleep last night.  My feet are killing me from a rotten journey standing all the way home on the train last night too.

Also ... I have had my hair cut today and think its a bit short.  Its still a bobby type of thing but I will have to go and have a fiddle with it, so it looks more like my own hair rather than this stunning, fuzz free style.

I have been a busy bee.  I had to go into work on Saturday, so had a short weekend.  Then on Monday, got up feeling really sick.  If it were not for the fact that I am now 52 and very well past my menopause (sorry chaps) I would definitely have thought that I was pregnant.  I ended up on the settee all day cuddled up to little Billy, who was very pleased to have me home.  I then took full advantage of Paul when he came home and allowed him to cook the dinner whilst I stayed in the same position a la settee.

I bet you are wondering where the little bit of French is coming from.  Je m'pelle Tells, deux cafe silvoo plait (hmmm, very bad French spelling here). ou et l'toilette silvoo plait.  Well, have been practising because I am off to Geneva on Tuesday for work.  Yes, I have a very important task to do upon my arrival in the land of the alps.  No, not skiing or anything fun, I am .... unpacking boxes!  Hmmm, I am sure my talents could be better used but this is what has been decided and to be quite honest it will be a lovely break as I will be there with my favourite boss who got married recently.  We plan to go for a lovely meal on Tuesday night and then I'll be flying back late Wednesday afternoon.  My firm has an office out there which has recently moved (or shoud I say, relocated, now I work for an American firm, eh?).  We also have a flat, so myself and Suzanne will stay there.  We keep giggling and saying what fun we'll have but we must try to remember that I am there to do the boxes, so will have to do some I suppose.

Rosie and I are off to see Joseph in the West End of London on Thursday evening.  I just hope the trains will be working ok as Paul will bring her up to Liverpool Street to meet me after work and then he'll go back on the train.  She is too young to travel alone with all the weird people you can come across.  We'll probably go fora meal first.  We have had the tickets for ages and the chap playing Joseph won the part through a BBC tv show on which Andrew Lloyd Webber was involved.  He is very good and I hope he is on the night we go and not a stand in.  We are really looking forward to it especially because Rosie played Joseph in her last year at primary school and we know all the songs.

So, apart from aching feet, short hair and feeling absolutely worn out, sitting here quite happy really.

Hugs to all my friends.

If you really want to see this naughty picture below of my Polish cousin, Wojtek, you'll have to turn your head sidewards"

Tells x

Saturday, 5 January 2008

Happy new year


Have booked the above for our Easter break for me and the children.  This is what a caravan looks like LJ!  It looks so sweet.  Its near a place called Great Yarmouth, about 3 hours drive from here. 

We had a lovely Christmas but it was over too quickly.  One sadness is that I didn't hear from my brother.  I left a message on his answerphone on Christmas day but nothing.  It hurts more that I know he visited one of our nieces this week.  He hasn't contacted my sister, Chris, either.  She is of a firmer nature than I am and says to just leave it now.  I have his presents here ... I suppose if he doesn't come by the end of January or doesn't contact me in any way, I shall just have to eat his biscuits!  So sad, when there are only 3 of us left.

Apart from that sadness, we are now looking to this New Year and hoping for good things.  The children go back to school this week, Rosie goes on Monday and Matthew on Wednesday.  I think they have had long enough off now and need to get back into a worthwhile routine of school and homework, ha ha!

Martin cooked the dinner on Christmas day, so I was thoroughly spoilt really.  I didn't have to do a thing except eat it and very nice it was too.  We got some lovely presents and I now have an ipod, so I can get my revenge on all those who have tormented me for the last year or so with their loud music.  Yey, I can play them at their own game.

Settled in here for a nice quietweekend, have just made potato salad and chicken and everyone feels at peace!  Lots of jobs to do tomorrow but today is a restful day for me.

Some terrible news at work this week.  A former workmate collapsed and died last Sunday aged 36 with a brain anurysm.  He left behind two little children under 6 years old.  So tragic and I feel so sorry for his little family.

Why do I always end on a sad note? 

Wishing you all a happy weekend.

Hugs, Tells x