Thursday, 31 July 2008

oh no. not her!

I have been a terrible journaller but here I am again.  I do apologise for not commenting and once again, think I will have to start again and clear the lots of alerts I have.  I did see that Chuck has passed away, which saddened me as he was always so upbeat and alert.  His daughter's entry was very uplifting.

Things have been manic as usual here but we are all ok.  The children are on holiday and enjoying lazy days.  Matthew has been going fishing with Martin, getting up at the crack of dawn and really enjoying time spent with his big brother.  Martin still hasn't got himself a job but is doing private work which is helping out until he does get settled again.

Rosie is fine.  She has started learning the guitar and is making terrific progress.  She has learned quite a few chords and can knock out a tune from song books now which is great fun, imagine if you can her playing and me singing (wailing, more like) achey breakey heart!  I keep teasing her that we can be a double act.

Work is fine.  I have news.  I am not going to be a secretary any longer, they have offered me a more managerial role with a massive rise within our Group and I will be starting it mid Sept/beginning October.  It will be marvellous for me, no more blimming filing and although it will be a challenge it will be good for my brain.  Basically its doing a lot of things I do already which have been extra to my job and it will be great getting paid for it!  It will be strange though not being a secretary after all these years.  Its obviously given my confidence a real boost and its at times like this you wish you could tell your mum and dad that something good has happened.

Today its 6 years since I lost my precious Barbara.  I had a few tears yesterday remembering our last days together at the hospital.    The children don't realise what day it is and I won't remind them, why make them feel bad too?

Rosie is coming to work with me today as the boys have gone fishing.  She is really excited as she is very fond of some of the people I work with having got to know them socially.  I will take her to lunch and for a walk down the famous "Petticoat Lane" market which is near my work.

We are off to Butlins at Skegness next weekend.  It should be manic, 8 of us in an 8 berth caravan!  I have heard that some acts from Britain's got talent will be performing, so that should be fun.  I know they have a health spa thing there and hope to get a massage in if I can.  My sister, Chris, is coming with us and she is always good company, it will be nice to share some time with her.  I do miss her at work, it has been a year now since she was made redundant but she is enjoying her retirement more than she thought she would.

Has anyone been to see Mama Mia?  Oh what a fantastic film, I couldn't believe it, I sat with a cheshire cat grin on my face through it all and then at the end everyone in the cinema clapped before they left.  I have never seen that happen before at the cinema, it was as if we had been at a live show.  I plan to buy it on DVD when it comes out and I know it will be a great film for my collection.

Eeek, I lost a very big filling the other week and had to brave going back to the dentist.  Imagine my horror when they knew my name on the reception, this can only mean (a) I must be known well there as the No.1 coward in this village or (b) I must have the worst teeth in this village.  Hmmm, can't think of a (c).  Anyway, I went for the appointment and had it done but managed to escape without having the teeth cleaning done .... I have another appointment on 2nd Sept but may chicken out.  We'll see.

All my dear friends, thanks for being patient until I catch up.  I am so fond of you all.

Hugs, Tells x