Thursday, 19 July 2007

Fingers Crossed

Thank you all so much for your comforting messages about what happened here yesterday

Here I am on this Thursday night after all the trauma of yesterday.  Billy seems a lot better today but still a bit sore I think but tail wagging more and all is calm in our household.  Paul and I are keeping a close eye to him but Billy seems to be getting over what happened and although I think he got hurt in the fracas I think a few days rest and quiet will get rid of his stiffness.  We slept downstairs last night and amazingly I got a good night's sleep ... I was exhausted I think.  I haven't cried for a long time and had several wailing sessions yesterday.

Work was nice today.  We had a departmental lunch to welcome someone back from secondment and to say goodbye to another who will be leaving tomorrow.  It was all very nice with jolly good company.  We sat outside in the garden of a local pub near our office and they do say theres no such thing as a free lunch ... hmmm, well I got one today and a nice long lunch hour.

Yesterday was also grotty at work because our supervisor called me in and said other girls had complained about the loudness of one of the new girls in our group.  Honestly, she is only asking questions etc., and she is actually a really nice person and works hard and has really got her head around the job very quickly.  I said to the supervisor that I thought the other girls were being bitchy ... and thats what I truly believe.

Anyway, Friday tomorrow and the last day at school for both Matthew and Rosie.  I can't believe the school year has gone by so quickly.  We now have a lovely summer holiday to look forward to and lots of fun .... hopefully things can only improve, eh?

This weekend I intend to get some of this stuff out of the house ... lots of clothes that the kids don't need any more will be going to the charity shop toot sweet!  I need all the room I can get with Martin back.  Martin has two interviews tomorrow, so keep your fingers crossed that he finds something that suits him soon.  He seems to be on more of an up now. 

Audrey over the road is not too good.  I am very worried about her and will try to spend a bit of time with her this weekend.  I took her to the local nursery the other weekend and it cheered her up no end.

Hugs to you all and thanks again for being there for me.

Terry x

Wednesday, 18 July 2007

Horrid day

Something awful happened here last night.  My dog (yorkie) Billy, went crazy last night as Paul came to bed.  I was fast asleep and apparently Billy just launched himself at Paul's feet and started really biting him as he tried to come into the bedroom.  I had been in bed for about an hour and woke to it.  Paul was laying down in the hall with the dog going crazy.  Paul's foot was badly bitten and he had to kick Billy off from him.  It was just like a nightmare.  Paul's foot bleeding badly and Billy injured too.  This all happened at about 1 in the morning.  Paul was very upset and Billy crying.  Ohmigod.  I stayed downstairs with Billy whilst Paul went up to bed and eventually fell asleep about 3.  Billy went to sleep too.  This morning he was very stiff but managed his walk and when Paul came down he started growling again and I thought it was all going to start again.  Paul had calmed down by the time he got up and was upset that Billy had been injured.  I think Paul must have crushed him when he fell to floor trying to get him off his foot.  Billy seems better this evening and is eating and jumping up and down off the furniture but is very subdued.  We will see how he is going tomorrow but I think he needs to get over the shock.  Paul has been stroking him and bonding again.  We all feel so awful.

Hugs, Terry x

Saturday, 14 July 2007

flying high


The photo above is sad really.  It was taken at the Natural History Museum last year on a day out in London. Its Rosie with my old friend Chi Chi from London Zoo.  I remember Chi Chi so well from my childhood.  Chi Chi also seemed enormous and there she is all tiny and little stuck in a corner where the restaurant is.  I also was very fond of Guy the Gorilla.  He used to live in a big Victorian style cage.  Everyone would gather round and then he would throw his pooh at them.  When I asked where he was now, they said in storage somewhere.  What a shame.  Poor old boy should be laid to rest.  Looking back now, it must have driven him crazy being stuck in his cage.

Well here I am on a Saturday night, all bathed and in my jammies at 10 o'clock.  Hmmm, I must be getting old, eh? 

Its not been too bad a week for me.  My "friend" I told you about last time, who I was dreading seeing again on Wednesday for lunch, blew me out with 25 minutes to go as she had had a better offer.  She sent me an e-mail saying that one of the girls she worked with had asked her to go to lunch, so I was dropped like a hot tater!  She even had the cheek to say she would meet up with me on either Thursday or Friday but I wrote back and told her I had other arrangements for those days.  I did actually ... nice lunch hours spent with happier people.  I have made up my mind to avoid her now like the plague.  Then .... I was walking to work on Friday and who did I spot just in front of me, walking towards me with a face of doom.  Hmm, I made a quick step to the right and walked very quickly and she didn't spot me, ooooh what a relief, eh? 

Yes, it was blimming Friday, 13th yesterday ... I had trouble from the start.  Firstly, I couldn't sleep the night before.  I fell asleep on the sofa on Thursday evening and woke at about 11ish.  Tried bed, no.  Came downstairs, lay on sofa again.  Did I sleep, no!  In the end I think I dropped off at about 4 a.m. and then woke up late at 7.20 a.m. when I should have been up at 6.30.  Crazy time then, getting everyone up, getting dog walked, getting showered and out of the house by 8.05 a.m.  Got to the station and my train was cancelled, so I hopped back in the car with Paul and attempted to catch a fast train I know goes from another station nearby which is on a different line.  Got stuck behind the barriers and missed that one! Left my phone at home on charge, so couldn't call anyone.  Then couldn't get out of work on time due to an urgent job and missed my train home. Oooh.  I think the only good thing about yesterday was kicking off my shoes and having a nice lie down on the sofa when I got home.

Martin went for an interview yesterday in Bond Street for a publicist.  He seemed to think the interview went well but he didn't seem keen on the job.  I think he'd be better of getting a job he can drive to from here because he is terrible at getting up in the mornings.

I was in Letchworth today meeting up with my sister's eldest girls, the twins.  We had a pleasant afternoon, mainly sitting at Costa coffee having lovely drinks and watching the world go by whilst we chatted and I caught up with them both.

Martin seems ok and he and Matthew are bonding and going out running a few miles around the fields every evening.  Rosie gets fed up because they won't take her but she can't keep up and its a nice boy thing to do together.  They haven't asked me to join them ... wonder why, ha ha.

Martin and Matthew have gone fishing overnight.  I was out shopping when they left to go and I came home with lots of goodies for them for tonight, oh well, they will have them tomorrow I'm sure.  I don't often get the chance to go to Morrisons and I spent far more in there than I should have.  I can't get another thing in the freezer and the fridge is packed quite tightly.  I noticed they had a little Polish section there which is nice because it was always difficult to get Polish goodies before.  I have found a nice little deli in Hoddesdon which has an enormous selection and is really quite reasonable.  Christmas will be good this year, especially when I make my bigus, with the abundance of Polish sausages I can now get to put in.

Before I went out I did a very naughty thing!  I have booked a helicopter lesson for Paul as a birthday surprise.  We hardly buy each other presents nowadays as really there is nothing either of us want but I know he will be thrilled with it.  At least I hope so!  Luckily the airfield is about a 20 minute drive from us and I now have a voucher, so need to arrange a date.  His birthday is on the 6th August and I don't intend to tell him until that day.  You know me and my surprises!  I am being really nice to him today as I even told him the boxing was on earlier. Ahhh.

I hope everyone is having a sunny weekend.  The weather today was great and I even enjoyed the drive from here to Letchworth.  Hope it doesn't rain tonight as I don't really want muddy clothes coming home from the river.

Not long now until I start my 4 day weeks whilst the children are off school.  They finish this coming Friday, yipee!  I also have a lot of time booked off in August, so I am winding down and getting ready for the summer.

I got Rosie Ann Frank's diary from the charity shop today.  Ann Frank was only 13 when she wrote it.  Rosie who is now 12 can't put it down ... I remember reading it at the same age as Rosie.  I'll let you know what she thinks.  I am reading another Linda La Plante book called The Red Dalia and thoroughly enjoying it.  Its a bit gruesome as its a murder mystery and I have to put it down at times but have to pick it up again.  Oooh, I do so love reading.

Anyway, off now ... have a lovely weekend everyone.

Hugs, Tells x




Saturday, 7 July 2007

Crazy times

Heres a picture of the teachers from my primary school.  Oh its so funny that Mr Scott, the small man in the middle, was my headmaster.  He was a real tyrant and I never realised he was so small.  I know the picture is small but I don't know how to make it bigger.  Mr Scott sent me home from school when I was 10 for talking.  Thinking back it was lucky my mum was at home that day.  What an old s**. 

Washing machine and tumble drier going like crazy, radio on in kitchen and Live Earth on TV.  Trying to make toasted sandwiches and blimming fuse has gone on sandwich maker .... ooooh. 

This week has been ok.  Mainly getting up and going to bed again, ha ha.  I had Monday off with Matthew as he had an inset day.  Martin came back on Thurs and he has left his job.  I hope he finds some peace now.  He seems much more under control and I think he has got an interview next week.

Rosie went and had her brace tightened yesterday.  Her front tooth, which was so twisted, is looking really good and that is just after a couple of months.  I am really pleased.

The children now only have 2 weeks left at school before they break up for the summer hols. I can't wait until the surprise holiday, which is on the 10th August.

I met an old "friend" yesterday and spent the whole lunch hour listening to her woes.  I say friend but I use that lightly.  I never contact her as I have always found her very shallow.  She even tried to get me to give her a reference on my company's paper when it is certainly not my place to do that and there is no way I am putting my job on the line for her.  I don't think she asked me once how things were with me or mine.  Some people are so self centred they make me mad.  I remember when my mum died, she called me and I thought how nice but she did not mention my mum once only her building plans!  Health wise she is fine but she can't seem to find a job she likes and that had led to her unhappiness.  Blimey, I don't like my job that much but it pays the bills.  She always has been a very selfish person.  I asked about her daughter who is 15 but she had no interest in telling me much about her.  Her daughter has been doing very badly at school, despite being a very clever girl.  Over the last couple of years, my friend left her husband for 6 months as she wasn't getting on with him.  She didn't take her child.  She has returned to him now.  My friend, despite having the money, hasn't been on holiday for years.  I said to her, why don't you take .... away, just for a couple of days the two of you, it would bring you closer.  No, not interested in doing that.  I feel so sorry for her child.  How awful to have a self obsessed mother.  I have gone on here but she is so lucky to have a child and is wasting all opportunities to do things with her.  She'll be gone and I suppose then she'll say, oh she never visits me.  I left her feeling thoroughly depressed and very sad for her daughter.

Oh well.

Phil Collins singing on Live Earth.  Why he feels the need to swear whilst singing Invisible Touch I don't know.  What a idiot.

Oh well, off to see what I can do for the kids' lunch.

Hugs to all.




Sunday, 1 July 2007

Evening all


Hello all.  I thought I'd add a picture or two here of my village pub and the river.  I think I may have put the river on before.  Last Saturday we had a riverside festival on during the day and evening all centred around the pub and river.  This was done mainly to raise funds for the local youth club, which has been running a few years now.  I only managed to get there very late in the evening and there was a fabulous group playing rock and everyone was dancing and the atmosphere was really good. 

Martin is still here, I am worried about how he is going to deal with his workplace but I think he is going back to Leeds on Tuesday to face the music.  He is still terribly upset about the break up with Julia.  He went out with some friends on Friday night and came home in tears on Saturday morning, I think everything is coming out now and maybe thats not a bad thing.  Its coming up to the anniversary of us losing Barbara, his mum, and things always seem worse at this time.

He has missed not only us but his friends as well and has been busy catching up with them all.  I am not sure when he is moving back but it could be this week.

Work has been ok this week.  I had a lovely evening out with the department when they booked the roof garden at a local pub for a barbeque.  Only trouble was the blimming roof garden was about 4 stories up and I kid you not when the last part was like climbing a very steep ladder.  I was worried that I'd break my neck getting down if I had too much to drink, looking down when I got to the top it was a straight drop down.  Anyway, after 2 glasses of wine I felt I had better get myself off home while I could.  I didn't even pop to the loo whilst I was there knowing that I could only make one journey down those stairs as I wouldn't find the courage to go up again.  God knows how some of my friends got down there when they finished.

I have been the laziest woman ever today.  I have only just got showered and changed into fresh pyamas!  At least I look a bit more human now.  I love doing thisbut always keep my fingers crossed that no-one pops into visit us!

I don't know if anyone is watching Big Brother but I am becoming very fed up with that Charley one and hope she gets voted out this week.  I try to sneak in watching it when I can get the plodder off Paul (e.g. when he falls asleep).

Just remembering from when we were young.  My mum was always thinking someone was at the door and making us go and answer it.  Often there was no-one there and mum would always say, "it must have been my imagination".  After another time of doing this my little brother, Peter, said "Mum, why is it every time I answer the door your imagination runs away", we all fell about laughing.  Hmm, doesn't seem so funny written down. 

Anyway, heres a picture from where I grew up.  I found this site where I really enjoying going back in time.  I spent many happy hours at this cinema (we called it the pictures) and I used to love singing, "We're all for one, we're one for all, we are the grenadiers" at Saturday morning pictures.  This was when it was still called the Empire, which was a bit before my time.


and then sadly, it was all knocked down when I was about 15.

Aww.  I used to prefer Edmonton in the old days really.

Anyway, I hope you all have a lovely Sunday, what is left of it.

Hugs, Terry x