Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Where the heck has she been?

Ok, its been a while!  I have had the worst lurgy ever and have been feeling rotten for the last 2 weeks.  It all started when I was away in sunny Yarmouth in the freezing cold caravan with 2 inches of snow outside.  I struggled on until the Thursday but by then the children and I had had enough, so we came home and I continued being ill here.  I had all last week off and managed eventually to get a doctor's appointment.  Do you know it really gets me mad that its so difficult to manage to see a doctor .... Anyway, I got my antibiotics and they did help but I am still not right and have lost my wonderful singing voice.  I think Matthew is glad I cannot shout at the moment though!

We did have a nice time in the caravan but it was so cold that Matthew slept in the lounge area every night and Rosie and I huddled together in the bedroom.  I suppose I was living in cloud cuckoo land hoping for good weather in March but I certainly didn't expect the snow.  Rosie enjoyed her 13th birthday though as I booked a cab to take us into town and we had a slap up meal and managed to get her a friends poster in a frame that she has been looking for for a long time and Matthew was very happy as he got a Spurs framed poster too.

I was manic in the caravan telling them to be careful and who caused the most damage?  Yes, me!  I tripped and sent a cup of black coffee all over the yellow cotton curtains in the lounge and for good measure broke the cup at the same time.  So, I had to sponge the curtain off and dry it with the hair drier, you'd never have known I had done it by the time I finished.  Then, the search for the tea cup began.  I spent 4 days scouring Yarmouth, all the department stores, charity shops, anywhere that sold crockery!  Did I find it, no.  I did own up before I left and they were ok about it.  Good job I never told them what I had done to their curtains, eh?

I must mention the medal I won for disco dancing.  We went to the club house on the first night and at that point we had Martin and also Lisa and Daniel with us too (they only stayed for the night).  It was a big hall with loads of tables and a disco playing.  There were about 20 people there, including the bar staff.  It was freezing there too, so we all started dancing and I was then presented with my medal.  I shall always wear it with pride.

We came back to the camp by bus one day and goodness knows why we walked off in the wrong direction.  After about 20 minutes I realised that I didn't recognise anything and when we walked back I realised we had got off at the right place but just walked the wrong way, duh.  Anyway, we then were waiting to cross the road and where the snow had melted there were big puddles and a car went by and literally soaked Matthew from head to foot.  That was it, I nearly fell on the floor laughing and when Rosie heard me she was screaming with laughter too.  A small smile played on Matthew's face, he really took it in good part.  Both Rosie and I actually wet ourselves as we laughed so much and we had to waddle back to the caravan to get showered.  I was laughing even more as I told Rosie that it was all downhill now she was a teenager and we had both done waht old ladies do.

We had some bad news last week when Martin was laid off from Tescos.  They have cut 800 jobs in the local offices and as he was last in on his team, he was first out.  He has some private work he is doing at the moment but I hope he gets something else sorted out soon.  Meanwhile, he will not be bored as he will be doing some decorating here which is well overdue.  I did buy paint about 3 years ago for our living room and it has never been done .... so, off I have gone and bought some more, lets hope it gets on the walls this time.  So, it is operation clear out at the moment in readiness.

Matthew has joined a running club and is really enjoying it.  He is doing it two nights a week and still has lots of energy when he gets home.  He is growing up so quickly and I have just got back from a parents' evening about work experience for him.  It only seems yesterday that he was 8 years old and came to live with me.

I went back to work this week and as usual have an awful backlog of filing etc., but am trying not to get depressed about it and just working my way through.  I thank my lucky stars that I am a well paid filing clerk, tee hee!  It was nice to see my friends again and not so nice to see the ones I don't like there!

Such exciting news though, one of my bosses is taking Rosie and I and my friend, Alex, away to a health spa hotel in May as a treat.  Its called Cowley Manor and is in the Cotswolds.  A bit posher than the caravan, methinks I will have to get myself something nice to wear to dinner and there will be no medals for disco dancing.  Heres the link:

The contemporary country hotel in the Cotswolds

I have never had a beauty treatment in my life and am playing safe and going for a facial.  No waxing for this chick.  I'll let you know how I get on.

Once again I am very behind with all your journals and do apologise but am trying to comment here and there and catch up. 

Hugs to all my friends and wishing you all a very good week.