Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Popping up for air!

Hello everyone and apologies for not making an entry for so long.  I couldn't believe it when I saw my last entry was in April.  I do hope everyone is well.

I seem to have got so embroiled in work and spend a lot of time from home online to work and although I have a little time to comment here and there, so more apologies if I have not been and visited you.

Billy, my yorkie, was very poorly during April.  He woke one day literally seized up and had to have quite a few anti inflamatory injections and pills to get him thru it.  It was quite pitiful as he was crying, couldn't bark and kept falling over.  I was crying too.  I spent three weeks sleeping on the settee downstairs with him and thank goodness he is almost back to normal.  He made my heart stop the other day jumping off the back of the settee (about 3 feet) and landing heavily ... he thinks he is a cat.  Ooooh.

I had a trip to Geneva again the other week with work and stayed in a a beautiful boutique hotel.  Shame I didn't get longer than one night in the 6ft bed!  I must tell you there are a lot of cobbles and hills in Geneva and after walking on them and then standing at a reception type do, my feet felt like they had been put through a mangle!  Heres a link to the hotel I stayed at, it was in the old town of Geneva and its a very hilly area as I said.  It was the first time I had flown from London City Airport and it was all very smooth.  Its a while since I flew on a chartered flight rather than a cheapie, so was thrilled to get given a free roll and drink and then some chocolate to follow on Swissair.

I am at home today because Rosie has to go to hospital this afternoon for that tooth that is growing in a strange position.  We went about 2 years ago but are getting a second opinion because our dentist wants the tooth above out and the orthodontist wants it built up and we are stuck in the middle, so will be getting this expert advice hopefully today.  We are wary of taking it out because previously we were told that the operation could affect her lips because of nerves near the area.  We will see but we are very against an operation inany event.

Rosie has started to learn to play the guitar and has had two lessons now.  She can play some of the chords to wonderwall, few more and I'll be singing along and appearing in Britain's got Talent!

I have managed to get my living room decorated (almost ....) and also some new curtains up, four more poles to go up, watch this space, Paul is being difficult!

As I said, work is crazy and seems to be taking over my life at the moment which isn't really the balance I want.  There are lots of ego's going crazy too and its sooooo nice to be at home today enjoying a bit of a break from it.  I am determined not to go on line and get involved.

Wishing you all well my dear friends.

Hugs, Tells x