Saturday, 15 March 2008

oooh I have been away a while

Well here I am again, sorry its been so long.  I am now well after one of the worst lurgies I have had for a while.  I have been extremely busy at work, not getting home until late most evenings and working on the computer from home too.  We have been very short at work since one of the secretaries left and I am so glad that her replacement is coming on 31st March.  Hey, she is probably another crazy one but at least we'll have a bum on a seat!

Next week we are off to Yarmouth for our caravan hol.  I am hoping the weather is good.  If its like today, it will be fine, at least its not windy or cold.  We have lots we can do there whatever the weather, there is an indoor swimming pool at the caravan site and we are near to lots of activities in Yarmouth, crazy golf, cinema, funfairs, shops!  I plan to do a lot of sleeping and the children are getting good at sleeping late, so perhaps we will just all sleep all day and night and not move anywhere.

Rosie will be 13 whilst we are away and so we will have a good day celebrating whatever the weather.

I have been out busily buying her a lot of new clothes over the last week or so as she is growing so quickly.  Today if we ever get out, we intend to get her some new trousers.

Matthew has been very busy.  He has joined an athletics club and is out running twice a week, he is due to finish at Scouts this summer, so he'll be kept busy in any event.  He had a trip to Devon last weekend to camp and meet up with his old Scout leader, who was a very kind man and we miss him very much.  It will probably be the last time Matthew ever sees him.  He came back exhausted late last Sunday night and we had to quickly repack as he had a woodland survival course with his school the next day for 2 days in Derbyshire!  Just about keeping up with the blimming washing here for him.  He continues to grow at the rate of knots and is now 6ft with size 11 shoes, arghhh, he is not 15 until the end of August.

Martin celebrated his 29th birthday last week and Rosie made him a lovely cake!  She coloured the sponge blue and it looked rather strange but she has a light touch and it tasted divine.

I am very behind with commenting and now have 781 messages to look at, please bear with me whilst I try to catch up, hmmmm!

Heres a picture of my little great great niece, Mia, aw she is so cute.


Hugs to you all until next time, Tells x