Thursday, 17 January 2008

So, so tired

Oooh I am a bit tired ... only had an hour and a half sleep last night.  My feet are killing me from a rotten journey standing all the way home on the train last night too.

Also ... I have had my hair cut today and think its a bit short.  Its still a bobby type of thing but I will have to go and have a fiddle with it, so it looks more like my own hair rather than this stunning, fuzz free style.

I have been a busy bee.  I had to go into work on Saturday, so had a short weekend.  Then on Monday, got up feeling really sick.  If it were not for the fact that I am now 52 and very well past my menopause (sorry chaps) I would definitely have thought that I was pregnant.  I ended up on the settee all day cuddled up to little Billy, who was very pleased to have me home.  I then took full advantage of Paul when he came home and allowed him to cook the dinner whilst I stayed in the same position a la settee.

I bet you are wondering where the little bit of French is coming from.  Je m'pelle Tells, deux cafe silvoo plait (hmmm, very bad French spelling here). ou et l'toilette silvoo plait.  Well, have been practising because I am off to Geneva on Tuesday for work.  Yes, I have a very important task to do upon my arrival in the land of the alps.  No, not skiing or anything fun, I am .... unpacking boxes!  Hmmm, I am sure my talents could be better used but this is what has been decided and to be quite honest it will be a lovely break as I will be there with my favourite boss who got married recently.  We plan to go for a lovely meal on Tuesday night and then I'll be flying back late Wednesday afternoon.  My firm has an office out there which has recently moved (or shoud I say, relocated, now I work for an American firm, eh?).  We also have a flat, so myself and Suzanne will stay there.  We keep giggling and saying what fun we'll have but we must try to remember that I am there to do the boxes, so will have to do some I suppose.

Rosie and I are off to see Joseph in the West End of London on Thursday evening.  I just hope the trains will be working ok as Paul will bring her up to Liverpool Street to meet me after work and then he'll go back on the train.  She is too young to travel alone with all the weird people you can come across.  We'll probably go fora meal first.  We have had the tickets for ages and the chap playing Joseph won the part through a BBC tv show on which Andrew Lloyd Webber was involved.  He is very good and I hope he is on the night we go and not a stand in.  We are really looking forward to it especially because Rosie played Joseph in her last year at primary school and we know all the songs.

So, apart from aching feet, short hair and feeling absolutely worn out, sitting here quite happy really.

Hugs to all my friends.

If you really want to see this naughty picture below of my Polish cousin, Wojtek, you'll have to turn your head sidewards"

Tells x

Saturday, 5 January 2008

Happy new year


Have booked the above for our Easter break for me and the children.  This is what a caravan looks like LJ!  It looks so sweet.  Its near a place called Great Yarmouth, about 3 hours drive from here. 

We had a lovely Christmas but it was over too quickly.  One sadness is that I didn't hear from my brother.  I left a message on his answerphone on Christmas day but nothing.  It hurts more that I know he visited one of our nieces this week.  He hasn't contacted my sister, Chris, either.  She is of a firmer nature than I am and says to just leave it now.  I have his presents here ... I suppose if he doesn't come by the end of January or doesn't contact me in any way, I shall just have to eat his biscuits!  So sad, when there are only 3 of us left.

Apart from that sadness, we are now looking to this New Year and hoping for good things.  The children go back to school this week, Rosie goes on Monday and Matthew on Wednesday.  I think they have had long enough off now and need to get back into a worthwhile routine of school and homework, ha ha!

Martin cooked the dinner on Christmas day, so I was thoroughly spoilt really.  I didn't have to do a thing except eat it and very nice it was too.  We got some lovely presents and I now have an ipod, so I can get my revenge on all those who have tormented me for the last year or so with their loud music.  Yey, I can play them at their own game.

Settled in here for a nice quietweekend, have just made potato salad and chicken and everyone feels at peace!  Lots of jobs to do tomorrow but today is a restful day for me.

Some terrible news at work this week.  A former workmate collapsed and died last Sunday aged 36 with a brain anurysm.  He left behind two little children under 6 years old.  So tragic and I feel so sorry for his little family.

Why do I always end on a sad note? 

Wishing you all a happy weekend.

Hugs, Tells x