Thursday, 25 January 2007

oooh dear

my computer has badly crashed, so I am on Rosie's laptop, which is really difficult to type on!  I hope to get the main computer sorted out soon but fear that I will not be making many entries at the moment.  So, sorry if there are not a lot of comments from me but I am trying to read my alerts which are building up.  It may be a week or so before normal service is commenced! I think its either my monitor or graphic card but am waiting for my nephew to come back and to run a few things ... argh its only 6 months old and I spent over an hour on a pricey help/complaint line the other night which resulted in me losing everything on my computer!  Next time I call them it will be to take the blimming thing away!


Terry x 

Monday, 22 January 2007


I should have come on here before to do an entry but I have been having terrible troubles with my computer, its been freezing and crashing.  Tonight it has been sorted out I hope and I have just delivered my clever nephew home.  I have only had this computer for 6 months and I don't like it very much!

All is well with Rosie after the talk with her friend and her mother.  Rosie seems a lot happier in herself and although I think they are not best friends, they have both compromised and are thinking a little more about how they treat each other. 

Some great news, my sister Chris had her all clear last week after being 5 years cancer free.  She had a masectomy and I believe this helped her survive.  She is a wonderful girl and I am so proud and lucky to have her as my sister.  She is really my rock and is always so loving to me.

I have been very busy over the last week or so.  With the new changes at work, I seem to have spent a lot of time there and we are very badly behind because a lot of the new systems simply don't work properly.  I have had to work the last two Sundays and will be going again this Sunday.  Also, I have done quite a few late evenings.

We attended a funeral last week.  It was very sad.  Paul's cousin's son died at only 43 with stomach cancer.  He has left a loving wife and two teenagers and his parents.  He was very loved and the crematorium was absoutely packed, we had to really squeeze in and they were standing in the aisle.  They played Hotel California as he was brought in and Bohemian Rapshody as we left.  He choose these songs.   It seems so unfair that a good man has gone so young.

The kitchen project has still been driving us to arguments and general testiness!  Mr Enthusiastic is very firm on what he wants - hmmm, its me who spends longer in there!  The kitchen fitter was supposed to come last Thursday to talk things over again with us but I was stuck up London because all trains from Liverpool Street were cancelled for quite a time.  I was lucky in the end though because they ran a train to a nearby town and so I was not too late home although by the time they decided to run it I had already bought new underwear and a wash kit because I thought I would not get home and have to sleep in the office.

Anyway, we made a new arrangement to see the kitchen fitter on Saturday and we have now agreed on the worktops.  All we are waiting for is another meeting with him tomorrow night, for final measuring etc.  I have found a nice freezer at a good price at Comet on Line (a Bosch) and am now looking to find a washing machine and tumble drier.  I saw the freezer for £100 more in Curries!!  I have just got to find some time to look, although it seems you can get these sorts of things delivered very quickly.  We are trying to get the kitchen started on the 12th March, so when we finally get it done I'll put some pictures on.  We have to clear it before and get the floor tiled, so it looks like we'll be eating sandwiches for quite a while although I have been promised that the washing machine, tumble drier and freezer will be available almost immediately the units start to go in.

Anyway, hope everyone is ok.



Saturday, 13 January 2007


As I have mentioned before, my little girl, Rosie, has been having problems at her new secondary schools.  Not only has she been bullied by older girls but she also made an enemy of her best friend when she decided that she didn't want to be bossed about by her any more and told her best friend they should just be friends.

This last week has been rotten for Rosie.  The "best friend" has ganged up with all the other girls Rosie travels with at the station and they have been doing the ignoring trick and whispering and giggling trick and mentioning Rosie's name so she can hear.  Rosie also didn't want anyone at her new school knowing her past but her "best friend" decided yesterday to also tell others about it and then confessed to Rosie after school what she had done.

I got a call from her mother tonight.  I have a good friendship with her.  She is outraged at what her daughter has done and didn't even realise what had been going on over the last few months. We went round tonight and have had a heart to heart with the girls and let them put their differences to each other.  |Both me and her mother were in tears at times and the girls seem to be ok now and hopefully from Monday all will be well.  Keep your fingers crossed.

Oooh feel all cried out and I have to go to work tomorrow.


Terry xx



Tuesday, 9 January 2007

Confession of a coward

Heres my story, its not pretty. 

After 5 years of cowardice I had to take myself to the dentist.  I have been suffering excruciating toothache for a couple of months now and it came to a crescendo this weekend.  In my defence, I have had some awful dental experiences in the past, a bridge that went wrong resulting in an op on my gum and then a visit to a dentist where I let her do 4 fillings at once, one of the fillings broke the next day (a Saturday) and cut my tongue up all weekend and on the other side the fillings zinged together.  It resulted in a week or so of pain before sorting them out.  It has really put me off, so I have really been frightened of letting anyone near my teeth again.

My friends have been nagging and nagging at me to go to the dentist as they know I have been in pain a lot.  I have made lots of appointments and cancelled them as the toothache gets under control again.  I have found a good way of pain control is to smearing sensodyne over the offending tooth most of the day and in the middle of the night but relief has been short lasting.  I knew the time had come and I had to go. 

The time for my appointment was at 2.10 this afternoon and I felt embarrassed and angry at myself for being such a wimp.  It was a lady dentist and she was very nice to me and not judgmental.  She knows me as she sees the kids. 

The tooth that has been really killing me has now got a temporary filling in and I may lose it once she examines the xrays of it as it may not be possible to do a root canal treatment on it.

I have a half hour appointment on the 27th I am going back to talk about this tooth and to have another 2 fillings.  I think I'll be going for quite a few more appointments too.

At the moment I am waiting for the injection to wear off and feel sorry for myself but determined to sort my teeth out once and for all.  I need a lot of treatment and I feel such a hypocrite as I have taken the children regularly and let them go through this without submitting to it myself.  My resolution for 2007 is to get this sorted out.

Now you know!


Terry x

Saturday, 6 January 2007


Oh what a day it has been!  We have decided that we have to have a new kitchen.  Truth is, I decided - Paul is quite reluctant even though bits are falling off our kitchen and its a real dump!  Today I had made an appointment at MFI, so we could get a plan and see exactly what is involved.  Mr Reluctant left it right until the last minute to measure up and we left home in the nick of time for our 1pm appointment.  Our kitchen is 10 x 12 and the ceilings are quite low because we live in a very old cottage.  Well, we have found all there are all new rules and regulations if you get your kitchen fitted professionally, even to the point that we have to do something about our electrics to conform.  Also it seems it will cost a small fortune just for about 12 units and worktop etc.  Eeeekkkk!

I have come home quite depressed, with a picture of a kitchen set up that I don't really like and now Mr Reluctant is raring to go and I have lost interest!

We were told to come home and look again at the kitchen.  Well I have looked and its still a dump!!  So I suppose we'll have to go on with the quest for our kitchen.  We have got Moben coming for an appointment to measure and design a kitchen here on Thursday night.  If you never hear from me again it will because they have tied me up and made me sign my life away to them! 

Mr Reluctant is now talking of tiling the kitchen floor and is stepping brightly around with his tape measure.  I just feel really fed up!

Work has been awful this week.  Nothing on the computer systems worked properly and everything we have tried to do has been frustrating.  A nice touch was that we all got a free cupcake on Friday as a "treat".  Hmmmm.  I suppose it didn't help going back after the Christmas break will all the build up of emails and filing etc., let alone trying to get our heads around a new system which didn't work properly.  Hopefully this week will be better.  We have been so manic that last night I didn't get home until 10.30 p.m.

Martin, my nephew, left his job yesterday ready to start at Asda in Leeds the week after next.  Ahhh, he is packing up at the moment and I suppose I am fed up too because we'll miss him so.  He leaves here on Wednesday.  The only good thing is that we'll have a bit more room round here.

I was on my way to work yesterday and realised that it was the day Matthew should be back at school.  He was still slumbering at home!  Paul dashed back home and tipped him out of bed ... its a really silly idea having to go back to school on a Friday!  Last night Matthew went to Scouts and was so excited to be made a patrol leader.  He has moderate learning difficulties and its a real thrill that he has settled there and now been given this responsibility.  He is now lowering the flag at the end of the Scouts session.  Ahhhh.

Rosie goes back to school on Monday.  I hope that she will settle in a bit better now.  The first term has been a nightmare, for her, what with older girls being bullies, her falling out with her best friend, having her things taken etc. etc. 

Oh well, off to do my shopping in a minute  ... Martin is going to take me, so I will not have to worry about driving in this horrible weather.

Hugs to all.

Terry x

Monday, 1 January 2007

Back to work

Its back to work for me tomorrow.  It seems ages since I was last there.  Its all change and after 30 years of working for my company we have been taken over by the Americans!  Yes, all systems will be go and completely different tomorrow, even a name change.  I am really lucky as I don't have to change offices.  If they had decided to move our particular department, it would add at least 1 hour to my day in travelling (its already 2 hours a day) and £3 a day fares on a bus.  I had a 4 hour computer course about their systems a week or so before we broke up for Christmas and am wondering whether I'll remember anything - now where did I put those hand outs?  I am dreading going back to the build up of emails and filing I will have to do but I must admit that I am getting a little bored at home and am looking forward to seeing my friends and hearing about their time over Christmas.  My bosses were so generous to me over Christmas, I have loads of M&S vouchers and Boots vouchers to spend which they gave me.  Its weird though, every time I get these vouchers I find them so hard to part with whereas I have no trouble normally going and spending money in those shops.

I have been out with Rosie to our shopping centre and got myself some new jeans and a pair of black cords.  I think I have lost weight over the holiday believe it or not.  Probably its because I have not been near the cake table at work for a week or so.  I will wear my new cords and a red top to work tomorrow and stun them all with my slimmer hips.  All I need to do now is lose some off top! I have always been slimmer below. 

Martin has had to take his girlfriend, Julia, to the NHS drop in centre as she has really bad cystistis.  It is a 3 hour journey home for her to Stafford and I somehow think that will now happen today as it is already 5pm and they have been gone for a couple of hours now.  Its a shame, they didn't go out last night because she was unwell and they could have gone to a party in our village where my other nephew, David, was. 

Yesterday was very relaxed.  I made an old childhood favourite for dinner.  Pilchard pie!  Its lovely, get a couple of tins in tomato sauce and mash them up a bit at the bottom of a pyrex dish.  Boil up some potatoes and mash, adding butter and milk.  Dot over the pilchards and top with grated cheese.  Half an hourin the oven and its gorgeous, especially with a tossed salad.  You either love it or hate it!  Rosie really loved it but Matthew was not so keen.  Ha ha, they will have it again now that I have remembered it.

We then had a very quiet New Year's Eve and stayed at home, eating some goodies and watching the television. I did have a little dance around as the clock struck 12, a bit like the can can!  The London fireworks were really impressive but I was glad not to be in that crowd of people in the cold. 

Audrey has been over a couple of times today, bringing me more brussel sprouts on one visit!  She often comes with brussel sprouts, I must look in need.

Ok, off now to make a lovely prawn cocktail for the kids and Paul.  This will be followed with Pizza al la Tells.


Terry x