Sunday, 28 October 2007

Kicking up the leaves


We had a nice time this week.  I decided to take Rosie to Hampton Court Palace in Surrey on Friday.  Matthew didn't fancy going round a historic palace, so he stayed at home with Martin.  It was quite a long journey from here as Paul wasn't keen that I should drive, hmmm.  It took about 2 hours by train and tube but we eventually made it there.  Words cannot describe the wonderful aura of the place and knowing we were walking down corridors that Henry XIII had actually walked down with his entourage was mind blowing.  Hampton Court has a very famous maze but we were very disappointed with it as it was rather small.  The photos above were taken in the wonderful grounds and we had a lot of fun messing around with the leaves!  It was a thoroughly enjoyable day but so tiring.  I thought I was going to drop off on the way home on the train, so best I didn't drive.  Rosie was complaining at how worn out she was and I pointed out to her that I had 40 years on her and to imagine how I was feeling.  I think you need to spend a couple of days at this wonderful palace to see everything.  Rosie was enthralled and kept asking, do you think the King touched this door, etc, etc.  She loves history and makes me realise how uneducated I am!  Perhaps I may learn something through her now.   We sat near the fountain and had a chat about how Queen Victoria opened this Palace to the public and there were photos around of the visitors at that time.  We discussed how we would be long gone and that the public would still visit the Palace ... quite a weird feeling but hey, thats history!

I feel I should get a blimming medal for the ironing I have done today, just thought I'd mention it.

At work things seems to have improved.  My new colleague came back during the week and has seemed to get to grips with not only her illness but also with her heart.  One of our chaps left on Wednesday and after I had finished my overtime I took her down to the bar and got the dj to play "Things can only get better" and he started his smoke machine and I got her to bop around.  She did smile and I think she is well on the mend now.  They have had a major swap around with who works for who (not me, ha ha) and hopefully all will be happier for everyone.  Joy of joy, we have our new filing clerk starting on Tuesday ... I sat in with the interviews and she appears to be a really nice lady, who has been looking for a job for a while.  I know she will be very excited and I am pleased for her.

I must tell you about one of the interviews I sat in on.  As soon as I entered the room my eyes were drawn to it.  What could it have been???  I have never seen such a lot of green on anyone's nose bits on their glasses before!  It was a vivid green and I just could not take my eyes off it.  Maybe she was so shortsighted that she couldn't see the green on her glasses when she put them on.  Made me feel rather queezy and put me right off.  Moral of the story, if you are going on an interview get your greens sorted! Oooh.

Hey, the sun hasn't come out but Martin has just gone in the kitchen and says he will make the dinner.  Oh yes!  I am now going to sit down and read my book and be a lady of leisure.

Hugs to all.

Tells x



Sunday, 21 October 2007

Here I am!

Hmmm, I have been so busy lately I just can't keep up, at the moment looking at 835 alerts and so am slow on commenting!

All is ok here but since I was ill I have been running around catching my tail.  I also got it into my head that I'd maybe like to get a caravan for us for our hols.  There was an absolute bargain - or so I was told - that got my juices going and I was bitterly disappointed when I saw it and it was really awful.  I drove the length and breadth of Essex a couple of Saturdays ago looking at caravans and caravan sites.  Since then, I have also been scouring adverts and realise that I probably can't afford one anyway which is sad.  I had visions of a little home from home that I could disappear to.  Some of them are on sites that cost over £3,000 site fees a year.  I just don't know how people can afford that plus the council tax, insurance etc.  So, at the moment although I am enjoying looking I know I can't touch!   We'll just have to rent a caravan again next time. 

Work has been manic.  The new lady who joined us is having terrible problems as she has just split up from her partner, who she was looking forward to retiring with next year.  She has also got the virus I had and collapsed in tears last week and couldn't cope with all the pressure.  Luckily her doctor has given her 2 weeks off and I hope she'll be able to get herself calmer and make some decisions about her future with the space away from work.  However, this leaves us all in the pooh as we have to cover her job, which she was quite behind on too.  One of her bosses is leaving  and her room needs sorting, files putting away etc.  Oh well!  I went into work yesterday and did 10 hrs overtime clearing it but still a lot to do but can't bear the thought of going in today while the sun is shining.  Also, I have tomorrow off with the children as its half term, so my poor friends have to cover me too.

I am a great great auntie.  Mia was born this week but I am not sure if I can get a photo on.  My great niece had to have a caesarian in the end and we are looking forward to meeting the newest member of our family tomorrow when she gets home.  She was born the same day as Connie's little grandson, Milo, ahhhhh.

Martin starts back at Tescos on Nov 5th.  I hope it works out for him.  He didn't go back to the other job .... he hatedit there.  He was supposed to get up and do a car boot today to get rid of some of his stuff but hmmm its nearly quarter to two and he is still asleep.  Rosie and I were up with the lark and I was sad to just miss a bargain bike up the car boot by half an hour!  I have decided that I need some exercise, so my next project now that the caravan buying has come to an abrupt end is that I will get myself a bike.  I will leave no stone unturned until I get myself back on wheels.  I can see myself sylph like already.

Meanwhile, most exciting event of the weekend is that I have got a new iron.  I have just had a quick go but am not that impressed, the ironing is no more fun with it! 

So, dear friends wishing you all a lovely sunny Sunday as it is here!

Hugs, Tells x