Saturday, 24 February 2007


Oh dear, after messing around with other things I decided to do system restore to a week or so ago, so I have managed to get my buttons back so I can post.  Hmm, now what can I tell you?

I've had a strange old week at work.  We said goodbye to a girl, who is off on her travels after spending 8 months or so with us.  I got quite fond of her and it will be strange without her.  She did not get on with her boss at all though and it will be a relief not to have the tension every day.  She was a real character and has been through a lot in her life.  She has managed to get herself off drugs whilst she has been in the UK away from all the bad influences back at home and I admire her for sorting herself out. 

High scandal at work on Friday though when it was revealed that a really old chap there had had a child with one of the younger ladies on the staff.  No-one could believe it and everyone is stunned.  The baby is under a year old and the dad must be nearly 70 and looks like tweedledee whilst the younger lady is like a fashion model.  He obviously not only has a wonderful personality ....

On the teeth front, I have finally made it a week without painkillers.  Today was my return to the tooth fairy!   Not a pleasant visit but although I waited with trepidation for the injection to wear off and the pain to begin, all is quiet and pain free still.  Its such a relief.  Anyway, I have a couple more visits with her for gum cleaning or whatever so the sorry saga of Tells and her teef is not over yet.

We watched a really funny film this afternoon, called RV with Robin Williams.  We got it cheap at Tescos last week in their sale.  If anyone wants a giggle I recommend it. 

God knows what I am doing sat here at this time.  I have to be up early as Matthew has a scout "do" tomorrow and I have to drive him there.  It sounds like a fun day for him, archery, shooting, football, this that and the other!  

Anyway, must get myself up the wooden stairs.  Wishing you all a happy week.


Terry x


Friday, 23 February 2007

Oh dear, I seem to have lost my buttons to add an entry to my journal, so I am trying this through by buddy list to see if it enters any text in my journal. Maybe if this appears someone can advise me where my buttons to add an entry have gone.


Saturday, 17 February 2007

I love Saturdays

I was going to post earlier but all me buttons were gone!  I had my glasses on and still couldn't seem them.  Anyway, they have reappeared now, how strange.

I hope everyone has had a good week.   Jim's son, Kevin, has been very poorly but things seem to be going better now for him so that is a relief.  Jim writes a lovely journal and is worth a visit.

I am so happy to tell you that the tooth fairy is now being kinder to me.  The pain where I had my extractions eased off by this Thursday and apart from still having a slightly numb lip, all in my mouth is feeling a lot more cheery.  I am due to go back again next Saturday (am I mad??) for another filling I need, so will have to go but hope the days of suffering are over.

It has been a good week for me because I didn't work Monday or Friday because the children are on half term.  Shame is that I have to go into work tomorrow as I am so far behind but it will be good to do it without the phones going constantly and other interruptions.  I hope to get up early and get in by 9am, hmmm best laid plans! 

We went to the orthodontist yesterday for both Matthew and Rosie.  Matthew has been going for about 4 years now because he had overcrowding and his teeth were getting very goofy at the front.  He has a set of nashers to be proud of now and is wearing retainers for a few more months.  Rosie is right at the start.  As you know, she got turned down for treatment under the NHS - would you believe for 1mm difference to her twisted front tooth.  Anyway, her teeth shouldn't take too long to sort out (approx 2 years of treatment) and we start in earnest with a tooth having to be taken out (oh my poor child) and then three appointments next month.  Maybe it is moving faster because we are having to pay for it *£1400!!!!  Matthew's appointments were far further apart.  Anyway, she is fed up with her front tooth and says it makes cleaning her teeth and eating difficult, so it will be done.  She has a strange thing on her bottom jaw.  A tooth which is trying to grow out sidewards.  They are leaving well alone, although it could be operated on but it could cause paralysis of her lips.  I wonder if they have paralysed my lip with those extractions last week, it feels pretty strange and its almost in the same position as Rosie's funny tooth.  Time will tell.

Matthew's nose is healing well and his lesson has been learnt.  He is keeping well away from Billy!  Actually, we have had a good holiday with Matthew and I hope when he goes back to school he will remember to behave there too.

We went to the pictures with some friends yesterday and saw the new Hugh Grant film.  I can't say I was terribly impressed, in fact I fell asleep and Rosie was in fits of giggles as she nudged me and woke me up.

Today we went looking at washing machines and tumble driers again.  I wanted to make sure I had the correct model numbers as they all look the same online.  I saved over £100 getting my freezer online, it makes you think doesn't it.  I have also noticed that prices vary from week to week on the websites.  We ended up wandering into Argos and I bought a new kettle which lights up when its on standby and boiling.  Paul was not impressed but I keep turning the light off in the kitchen and admiring it ....

The kitchen is looking like a bombsite.  We are getting ready for the men!!  I have had many a happy time out there skewering off tiles and Paul has taken a few cupboards off the wall.  We have about 4 weeks to go before we have to have it gutted but we are going well and hope to have one half empty by next weekend.  I have also hit on a good idea for when I am without the kitchen.  I will bring home meals from my works canteen.  Ha!!  They are cheaper than takeaways and cooked by top chefs.   Blimey, why am I bothering with a new kitchen, I could just do that all the time!

Thought I'd just mention that I got a great book from the charity shop this week, which I can't wait to start.  Its called Joe's War My Father Decorded by a woman called Annette Kobak.  Joe's War is a mesmerising and dramatic account of a daughter's search for her father's secret life, during and after the Second World War.  For Annette Kobak there was always something mysterious about her father, Joe, something dark.  For forty-five years the reasons for his silence were left unspoken.  His story, she discovered was remarkable.  Born in Czechoslovakia, he escaped aged 19, from German-occupied Poland in the spring of 1940 and joined the Polish army in France, ending up intercepting Morse Code in a top-secretunit in London.  I think its a true story and can't wait to get my teeth into it (hmm, not literally you know).  I pick up some wonderful books in the charity shops round here, when I go in them its like being a kid in a sweet shop!  I'll give a review on this one, when I have finished it.

Anyway, off I go for now.  Hugs to everyone.

Terry x


Saturday, 10 February 2007


This week has been rotten, mainly teeth problems!

First of all, everyone did like my hair and I have really enjoyed doing it in the mornings, a quick flick with the hairdrier and a bit of wax and it looks really funky.  I will take a photo but as you will read soon, I look like a chipmunk, so the photo will have to wait a little until normal services are resumed on the face front.

As you know, I have been suffering with my teeth over the last month or so.  I just couldn't stand it any more by Monday, so called the dentist and brought my appointment forward.  Well, I thought I was in pain before but it was doubled after my two teeth extraction.  I think where one tooth was particularly infected it made the extraction even more difficult.  I ended up having 5 injections.  The other tooth wasn't too bad as I had root canal work on it previously.  I could hardly feel my tongue and could hardly talk when I got out the chair.  The dentist gave me a little sheet with instructions on what to do after the extraction and it had some small cotton plugs attached in an envelope to use if it kept on bleeding.  Well, I was in such a state that I think I left the sheet there.  I came out all of a wobble and felt like an old, old lady.

Paul came and met me and told me that Billy had bitten Matthew on the nose.  Matthew has special needs and has been told again and again not to tease him but he will not stop.  Whilst I was out he thought it would be fun to goad Billy by pinching his ear to see if his lip would go up as apparently he likes to see him do that, can you believe.  He is always trying to tease the dog and I have told him over and over to leave him alone.  So, I staggered in to see Matthew's nose very badly bitten.  At first he was upstairs and wouldn't come down and show me, he had even asked Paul not to tell me.  I phoned the doctors and they said his tetanus injections were up to date and that savlon was the best thing to put on his nose.  I felt so unwell and so shocked by the state of poor Matthew's nose that I lay on the settee for a while, trying to stop the pain and the bleeding of my teeth whilst I got my equilibrium back.  When I asked him to look again, I noticed his mouth had been bitten as well, the dog had got him good.  So, off I took him to the hospital as I was worried about the infection near his mouth.  They thought Iwas the patient as I was bleeding from my mouth.  Luckily he didn't need stitches, they used some steri strips and gave him some antibiotics.   I think he felt better after being seen but has learned a hard lesson.  What a terrible day it was.  Even Rosie was crying because she was so upset with Matthew's nose and me and my teeth!

I managed to get myself into work yesterday.  I had to go in because I am off on Monday with the children and had to get the overtimes into salaries as that is part of my job.  I stayed until 7.30 and was really glad to get home and was in bed by 10.  I have got up today and had to take another painkiller but my face doesn't seem quite a swollen.  Its wierd as its hurting more up the top where I had no teeth out than on the bottom, its probably nerves all jangling.

We are still busy here getting ready for the kitchen and my new freezer will arrive on Tuesday.  I got the best deal from Boots on line would you believe?  It worked out cheapest and I get advantage points, so that helps with the delivery charge.  Its arriving a bit too soon but at least we can test it out but we'll have to have it in the living room because its bigger than the one I have at the moment and there is no space in the kitchen to fit it yet. 

Last weekend I had a great time buying some new things for when the kitchen is done.  Its really sad but my favourite thing is my fushia coloured strainer.  Hmmm, I could always wear it on my head to detract attention away from my face at the moment.

I hope you all have a great weekened.

Hugs, Terry x

Saturday, 3 February 2007

Brunettes have more fun!

Hey, yesterday a granny sat here typing with grey hair ... today a brunette bombshell has taken her place!  God, every time I look in the mirror I get a shock, its so dark.  I have been blonde (well ok, with quite a bit of grey) for quite a few years now and now I am a startling brunette.  Oh what a laugh it will be when I go into work on Monday and they see it, I am sure I will get quite a few comments.  It is also quite a bit shorter, so I have funked it up and feel like a real trendy chick.  I have even put some dangly earrings in and I am shaking my head around a bit so they are noticed.  I also put some blusher on and may get some new lippy for Monday, so I really stun them.  By the way, I had a lovely time at the hairdressers.  I was there for 2 and a half hours and felt so pampered and it felt wonderful having the time to do it.  I was shocked at how busy it was, every single station was full with ladies with various bits of foil in their hair and other wonderful contraptions around them.  I thoroughly enjoyed my head massage whilst my hair was being conditioned and it took a lot of tension out of my head with the toothache.  I was really tempted to ask to have my nails done.  I have never had them done in a salon before but was worried in case it hurt ... I don't think I could stand someone filing my nails or cutting them, I used to hate it so when my mum used to do it, so I will leave that until another time.

Paul liked the colour of my hair but I didn't like the way she had styled it, so up to the shower and a bit of fiddling and I was happy then.

Matthew noticed I had had my hair cut but I had to tell him today after a few hours that I had had it coloured too.  He hadn't even noticed, bless him.

I feel a lot better today, the tooth fairy is being kind today and giving me a break.  The constant throbbing seems to have stopped - is it really fair though to suffer so after a filling?  I must have been a bad woman in my life.

Martin is back from Leeds with the lovely Julia and we are going out to Homebase as he has a 20pct off voucher so I must go and buy something there!  We are then going bowling, so sod the housework today.  I haven't got to work tomorrow, which feels a luxury after doing the last three Sundays on the trot, so I intend a bit of a lay in and then I will take up duty with my trustee iron again.

Have a lovely Saturday everyone.

Hugs.  Terry x

Friday, 2 February 2007

My blimming computer

I am back on line (goodness knows whether its temporarily or not) as the engineer came today and my graphic card is kaput but luckily I have a separate graphics card and they have switched a switch so I can use it.  I have to wait for delivery of a new one, so may go bang again at any moment!  I am ploughing through the alerts, so hopefully you'll be reading my comments - I think I have over 150!

I have still been really busy at work, although I have today off because the computer engineer came.  I worked Sunday (which was the third in a row) and then every night, except Monday, I have not got home until 8.30 pm, so feeling rather tired.

The tooth fairy is not being kind to me either.  On Saturday I presented myself back at the dentist for the further excavations to my gob!  After 30 minutes of drilling etc., I emerged with two new fillings and looking like Elvis when I talked as one injection was top right and the other one was bottom front.  The kids screamed with laughter when I got home and kept making me sing Elvis songs!  Needless to say, I have been in pain with the top right since it has been done and will have to wait until next week when my dentist gets back to our local surgery for her to look at it.  I think I have got myself a nice infection or it may be that she has jangled the nerves and it is taking time settling down again.  So much for trying to sort things out in my mouth, I never had any pain from this tooth before she filled it.  Anyway, I have to have 2 teeth out still and one more filling, god help me!  This is why I am a shivering wreck when I go to the dentist, I always end up in more pain than I started with.

Also, more on the kitchen front.  I have some taps on my table!  They are the first item purchased for the new kitchen.  Paul got them from his shop and I am trying to be excited about them, although its hard to get excited about a pair of taps, although they are rather elegant.  I would have liked some with little gadgets on, say a little thing I could pull out and spray dishes with etc., etc., but Mr Enthusiastic tells me that there is more to go wrong!  Perhaps it will more thrilling when the new units get delivered on 19th March and the job begins. 

The car is playing up too!  A little light has come on and its something to do with emissions.  We phoned our garage and a man has to come with adiagnostic thingy on Wednesday, so they can tell what is wrong before they do it .... I have got to win the lottery and soon.

We have booked a holiday up with Pontins for August.  I got a call from them the other day with a special offer and so decided that we would go again.  We'll just use it as a base and travel about from them to various places like Great Yarmouth etc.  My lovely sister, Chris, is coming too, hooray!  She is great company and I know we'll have a great time together.  Rosie is really excited that we are going back to Pontins and has been practising songs to sing for the talent competition, so everyone is very happy we are going back.

Rosie is getting on better with her "friends" although its sad to know that all most of them do is bitch about each other.  I have told her that its not a good way to be and that she should avoid being led into situations where she is asked to comment about others.  Perhaps a girls only school was not a good idea.  Meanwhile though she seems to be getting ok with her lessons apart from her homework, which we have now sorted out.  Basically, she wasn't doing what she should have been doing and because I am out at work until at least 6.30 each evening, I thought she had been doing properly ..... hmmmmm.  She is now going upstairs away from the lure of the tv and all those wonderful programmes, she loves until it is done.  She has learned a lesson.  Anyway, its all ok now and its a shame that she got herself into a state about it, I hate it when she gets sad and worried but am glad that she was able to talk to me about it and I am now checking it all every night.

Matthew has been cheeky at school and has a little book now he has to bring home and show me regarding his behaviour.  As you know he goes to a special school for children with moderate learning difficulties.  He doesn't get any homework at all!  He is nearly 14 and very hormonal but it is out of character for him to be cheeky at school.  He actually said no to a teacher when she told him that he had to stay in the classroom at break because he had been calling out in the lesson and had been disruptive!  We had a big talk about it and I think he realises now that it is not acceptable.

They are both missing Martin but tonight the prodigal nephew is coming back to spend the weekend with us.  We have really felt his absence here, especially when the dustbins have to go out!  Seriously though, I wish he had got a job nearer to home than Leeds, it seems so far away from us.  With all the hectic weekends we have had here, there is not enough time in the day to make plans to visit him.  Anyway, hopefully it will be a special time for Matthew and Rosie having their brother home this weekend. 

As I have a bit of time, I have phoned the hairdressers and I am hoping that all the grey is going to go away by this afternoon!  I have been colouring it myself but the last couple of times it hasn't been that great and I notice quite a bit of grey at the back, oooooooh!  I think the pampering will do me good.  

I'll try and put some more of mummy's memoirs on soon.

Ok, I have rambled on a bit here but its nice to have had the chance without this computer just crashing on me!  I hope all of you are ok and hope to catch up with all the alerts soon.

Hugs to all

Terry x