Wednesday, 27 June 2007

My friend Kate

Please go visit and give as much support as you can to my friend Kate who has just been diagnosed with breast cancer and is looking for support and friendship.

I haven't had much time to put an entry on because as usual flying about here and there on my broomstick!  I had to work again on Sunday and it has put me right out.

Martin came back last Wednesday.  He has split with Julia and is feeling very down about that and also is fed up and lonely in Leeds.  I think he will be giving in his notice but at the moment he is taking a short break with us to take stock of things.  We'll probably drive him potty and he'll decide peace and quiet may be better but I hope whatever decision he makes it will be the right one for him.  Matthew and Rosie love having him back here and we have him for a few more days before he goes back to face the music and sort out what he wants to do.

Good news for one of my nieces who has just been allocated a brand new council house after being in a flat from hell for the last 2 years with her baby.  I am so glad she will have a garden to play in and be in a nicer area with nicer people who don't swear and harrass her.

Rosie had her hair cut on Saturday, its a lot shorter now and I'll have to get my blimming camera sorted out to put a picture on here.  From being halfway down her back its now on her shoulders and she is thrilled with it.  Looks quite the glamour puss.  Ooooh I wish I was 12 again.

I don't know if I told you but my husband, Paul, won the lottery.  He and his friends got 5 numbers and they got £450 each.  I have a nice £50 towards our hols and he has taken us out for a meal too.

Blimming cat is honking up in my new kitchen  .... argh gotta go.

I will love you and leave you until I can write a bit more.

Hugs, Terry x


Sunday, 17 June 2007

oooh, oooh, Sunday, Sunday

Well this print looks gianormous!  I like it though bold and strong. 

I had to come home from work on Friday as I felt really queer (no smart comments, Gaz).  I spent the afternoon sleeping on the sofa and then went to bed and slept for hours.  I don't know why I felt so strange but I felt really dizzy.  I had some really weird dreams that were so vivid that I still remember them quite clearly and its unusual for me to remember my dreams.  Part of involved me seeing a band playing That will be the day in a park and then being helped across a really busy road (maybe acknowledging I am getting old eh) and then I was on a bus and had to get off when I saw the most wonderful building, all Chinese dragon waterfalls on it.  I know I have never seen this in real life and wonder if I ever will.  Anyway, all I am ok now and I must have had a funny bug.

Matthew has just come back from a sleep over at the London Dungeons.  I think it was for child relief.  He had a wonderful time and they were awake playing in there until about 1.30 a.m. this morning.  He did it with the Scouts ... he is always off doing something with them.  I think the people who run this are marvellous, they devote so much time to the children in the troop.  Next Friday he is off rafting with them, they have a swimming gala coming up too  ... it never stops.

I have had a quiet weekend really.  Yesterday after dropping Matthew off to go on his trip, Rosie and I went off in search of a kareoke machine for her.  We found a marvellous one with a little telly on it, so you can either see yourself sing or see the words of the tune come up.  Of course I have been able to resist having a go myself and have done a bit of leg shaking and sung All Shook Up.  I have been at my firm for 30 years at the end of next month and will get a small bonus, so it is her treat and I plan to get Matthew something nice too.

Martin surprised us by turning up this weekend.  It seems all is not well between him and Julia, his girlfriend.  Also, I think he is still indecisive about whether to stay up in Leeds or to come home and do a similar job nearby.  I am not going to pressurise him but I would like him home.  The kids miss him being here and so do we.  He surprised Matthew bygoing and picking him up this morning from his Scout trip.

I have a mountain of stuff do do here, the house is looking like the pits as I can't seem to summon up the energy.  I have sat out in the garden.  I've been reading a Linda La Plant book.  Its called Cold Blood.  Its marvellous and I can thoroughly recommend it, I just can't put it down.  I am almost at the end of it, then maybe I'll get myself in gear and get on with doing the tidying up and ironing. 

Paul and I are currently making the dinner between us, meatballs, mash and broccoli.  I make my own and they go down a treat here.  Its one of Martin's favourites ... ahhh.

I have been watching a lot of telly this week.  We have been enjoying watching Britain's Got Talent and have fought Paul away from the telly all week so we can watch it.  The Grand Final is tonight and we can't wait (except Paul).  Simon Cowell is one of the Judges and I wonder if they are showing this in America?  I am also enjoying Dr Who and last night's was a good one.  Big Brother is hotting up and I think the mix this year is very good.

Paul has just stuck his head in the door and said "all on my own then" ... have to go back to the kitchen now and do my duties.

Have a great Sunday everyone.

Hugs, Terry x


Tuesday, 12 June 2007

Sad news, Jim has gone

Such friendships we make through our journals. Even though we haven't met each other our lives intertwine.

Tonight I have learned that I have lost my good friend Jim  I have been worried as I haven't heard from him for a while and his wife emailed in response to one of my messages to him today and told me he had passed away in May.  If you have never read his journal, please go and read and enjoy it before it goes off line ... he was such fun and a very cheeky man.  I really enjoyed reading his journal and sharing emails with him.  I feel so sad that he has gone.  God bless you Jim, you were fun!  His email was halliday0957 and I think it would be comforting if you knew Jim if you could e-mail his wife before she closes the account.

Hugs, Terry x

Saturday, 2 June 2007

Wot a week!

So ... it has been a nice week for me.  The worst was that I had to go into work on Bank Holiday Monday and the journey there and back to home was a torture.  But then, its over now!

We had a great time with Martin here last week.  He took us all out to the Harvester on Saturday and we were in there for 3 blimming hours.  I haven't been to the Harvester for years and they do an early bird deal which makes it a lot cheaper if you eat there in the afternoon.  I can honestly say that it was the best meal I had out for a long time.  I had their ribs, they were absolutely gorgeous, followed by a shared (enormous) knickerbocker glory. 

We then came home and watched Dr Who, which was the best episode ever.  The second part is on tonight and the children and I can't wait to see it.  The aliens were fantastic, they took the form of humans and put their heads to the side and sniffed deeply trying to find Dr Who.  We have been doing it all week, the head to the side and deep sniffs.  We'll have to stop, people will think we're strange, ha ha.

On Tuesday I had the day off and had a fairly quiet day, apart from having to buy yet another pair of school shoes for Rosie .... oooh there are only 6 weeks left until end of term but hers are falling apart.  In the afternoon I had to take Matthew to the dentist for a check up and they did a filling whilst I sat in the chair on the other side of the room.  Well, I had an appointment today to have my root canal done, guess who chickened out after sitting there with all those drills going???  Yup, it was me.  I have put it off yet again until the 16th.  Will I go then?  God knows?  I have realised that I don't like the dentist at all.  There is no interaction between us or any kindness from her.  I think that is causing me a big problem in going back to her.  She has absolutely no sympathy for me and I think that is my problem.  I am so scared to go to the dentist and need someone who at least talks to me in a kind way.  Oh well, its not a problem now for a week or so.  The tooth plays up occasionally but not that much that I feel I need to go urgently. Incidentally, Matthew was fine having the filling and didn't have an injection but just watching it all freaked me out.

Anyway,after all the trauma of the dentist visit, I took an hour or so to recover my equilibrium and decided that the children and I would go and see Pirates of the Carribean.  Well .... although I concentrated as hard as I could, I could not make out what the bloody hell was going on!  All I knew was that after 2 and half hours of sitting there, that when they commenced yet another battle and Johnny Depp started swinging round on his bit of rope landing here and there, I felt a deep desperation to escape and flee the cinema.  I thought no, not another battle, when is this film every going to finish!  Also, there was a chap in it who looked identical to a really obnoxious fellow at work and everytime his face came up on screen I thought omigod its S........!  Its a long film and maybe best viewed at home where you don't get such a numb bum!

On Thursday I met up with a friend who had worked with us for a few months.  She has been to New Zealand and was back here for a week before going back to South Africa for good.  Lots of us from the office arranged to meet her round the corner from our office in a good bar.  A lot of other friends came from work and one couple who got together in the last 3 months announced their engagement.  Watch this space for wedding details.  They are both very nice people and its nice to see them so happy.  We had a great singer there as well and I requested Sexy Thing and had a bit of a dance round before I left.  My foot is hurting a bit now, must have danced a bit too energetically, eh?  I gave my South African friend £20 to get a bottle of wine and when they gave it to her for nothing because there were a lot of us there, I told her to keep it.  Now, I know my South African friend has been really hard up but I was a bit staggered when she said on our parting that if ever I had any spare cash to send it to her!!!!  It left a bit of a bad taste and I feel a bit sad about it.  My sister said that perhaps she had been drunk when she said it and maybe that was it. I don't know why she thinks I am a moneybags ... I wish I was.    I had quite a nice bit of wine and apart from the the money thing,  I had good evening with many friends.

I have upgraded our holiday caravan (the surprise one for the children) to a GOLD!!  I must be crazy, I am paying £440 for 3 nights.  Maybe I could send some to my friend in South Africa, ha ha!  No, this cash was earned by my hard work going in on the other bank holiday we recently had on the Sunday and Monday and I worked blimming hard for it shifting boxes and clearing up the office.  I am still keeping this a secret from the children and only intend to tell them the afternoon before we go.  Then I will still keep it secret that their brother Martin and sister Lisa will be there too until they all turn up to leave!  Oooh, what fun, eh!

Last night Rosie and I went to the local Civic Centre to see the local Pop Idol final.  Lots of children from 12-18 in this area have competed to get into the final.  They had 100s enter and then they had to go through another round from their first auditions.  There were 12 acts and it was extremely well presented.  They had dancers who were extremely well choreographed for most of the acts too.  We had to laugh as there were many stage school kids, one of which had appeared in the West End in Mary Poppins and was sooooo precious!  A boy won who sung "Kiss for a rose".  When he sang Baaaaabbbby he made me jump and then want to giggle!  I was surprised he won because I thought others were better.  We did have a wonderful time and the audience could vote too.  The boy we liked who had a wonderful voice won the audience vote.

So, guess then who found herself on the settee when I woke up this morning?  I have done the wonky walk for the last hour or so whilst my neck tries to straighten up.  I must have just laid in the same position all night.

Well, I must go and do some jobs and get dressed, ho hum.  Sun is shining and weather is warm, yeeeeeeh.

Hope everyone has a great weekend.

Tells x