Saturday, 24 January 2009

Here I am again

Well, I have not been around for a while have I?

I hope everyone is well. I am feeling good at the moment but as usual my life has been really busy, particularly with work. The new job has proved to be pretty tough and I feel I am being mangled at times. I have now been doing it for almost 4 months and have good days and bad days. I still wonder whether I have done the right thing but in some ways perhaps it is doing my brain some good and making it work harder. Physically though I am very tired and putting even more hours into it.

I am sorry to say that my friend, Audrey, is really quite lost to me now with her Alzheimers. I am having a lot of problems now in trying to focus on helping her and her husband. There have been confrontations with one of her carers and her family have also been rather high handed, even though they do practically nothing for her. I am so glad though that I got the care plan going for her where they get visits 3 times a day and but there have been problems about shopping not being got and making myself unpopular to achieve it. Too many cooks, eh? Anyway, I am trying to step back a bit and leave them all to it with myself just visiting at weekends now as I am satisfied that the careplan is working well at the moment.

Not much time for much at the moment as I am home late most nights but we did manage to get out for a nice meal last weekend with some old friends. I say old because we are all getting blooming old now!

I am looking forward to going to a friend's party in London on the 7th and Martin will be coming with me, to escort his old auntie safely round the tube system. Its being held in Kensington at a posh pub, so I am hoping for some posh nosh too.

Yasmin, you prompted me to write on here again. I hope you are well my dear and I will try to catch up a bit with everyone once I find out where they are on this system.

Take care everyone.

Tells x


Yasmin said...

Oh Terry it's so good to hear from you again,glad the new job is working out even if it means more work but I'm sure your on top of things. Audrey is lucky to have you keep on plugging, her family should step up more, but probably too busy.
Enjoy dinner at the posh pub, and look forward to hearing from you again soon.



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lisa jo said...

Terry! Blogger is so NOT Jland but i am SO happy to hear from you. I didn't know you had a new job....glad to know all is well and so sorry to hear about your precious friend. Much Love!

Gerry said...

Hello, Terry, how are you? I did not know about the new job. I also got a huge book, a Hammond Atlas and I am trying to locate everyone. I have gotten Jeanne Kirkby located now and also Jeannette told me about where she was as the Thames comes out of London. I have located Guido up from the Herbrides (sp) on Stornoway so where are you. My main email now is I must put you on the map. You must not be far from London since you are plannng a trip there. Gerry

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

So good to hear from you again I'll be praying for your friend, that cannot be an easy thing at all. Glad you are hanging in there.

Rose said...

glad to meet you I'm from j-land too!